Illuminating The Dark

March 5, 2012 — 1 Comment

To me, and this is just my opinion, I think the dark forces fight having to see themselves, their true selves, its like being in a dark room for so long when you finally go outside during day time it hurts your eyes because its so bright, likewise, these forces have been in and of darkness so long that stepping out in to the light is going to be extremely difficult, its going to burn and hurt them, it has to be done slowly so they can grow accustomed to the brightness of it, eventually they will learn to co-exist in both worlds, but they will resist because it hurts, but they don’t realize that it IS going to hurt at first but in time it will cease to hurt and they will get used to it. No one is necessarily good or bad, dark or light, its the actions which are negative or positive, not the beings themselves. We all have the potential to make good or bad choices at any given moment.

The dark ones or rather the negative actions of people and entities, have their roles as well, just as we have ours. But, we have to understand that to go from one polarity to the next is difficult, and requires patience and compassion, but to first learn to forgive and understand the negative actions of others we must first forgive and understand our own, we are not perfect and neither are they, though they may have maybe more imperfections then those who work with positive actions, it’s all a matter of perception as well, they may see us just as we see them, for example, a pro-creation person may say that everyone should multiply, there are enough resources in the world to feed everyone, yet this action may be viewed as negative by those who follow the over population theory because they feel that the world is being depleted from resources, but the pro-creationist may believe that, THAT is an act of evil because they may believe that the depletion of planet Earth stems from the corporations who use and abuse them in the first place, truth be told they are both right.

Life should never be forbidden in any form but Gaia is being stretched to her max, that in itself is a whole other perspective, who’s to say who’s right? when everyone wants to be right, will everyone be wrong! the best we can do is be patient and compassionate and continue doing what we do as lightwarriors and lightworkers, It is sometimes hard for me to understand the dark as well because I live and serve the light but, I do know I have aspects of darkness within me even though I serve the light, its the yin and yang, it’s why many don’t understand themselves and have strayed, they don’t understand that they are the imbalance that creates perfect balance, how can darkness co-exist with light? the answers are in the literal universe, in the comets, asteroids and black holes, such a beautiful universe we have yet so destructive, yet they both are able to co-exist or at least understand each others purpose enough to realize that one perfects the other.

I believe that many live as they do because it was the time of the yin and now its time for the yang! meaning more light with less darkness instead of more darkness with less light. We are certainly in good times now, moving out of ignorance (yin) and in to knowledge, enlightenment, illumination etc (yang), that is how I have always looked at it, the Chinese philosophy has helped me understand and accept the mechanics of life. I believe that when its time to switch from say, yin to yang, that dark forces arrive and make sure it is implemented, then when its time for it to switch from yang to yin, light forces (like us and our star brothers and sisters) arrive to make sure it too is implemented. But, in every polarity there is always a small opposite, in yin there is some yang, in yang there is some yin, always to make sure that the balance is not disrupted. I hope I made sense lol.

Namaste 🙂


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