Learning Abilities – Part 3 (Using Our Abilities)

March 3, 2012 — Leave a comment


Thanks to church doctrine we were always taught that we are powerless, that man is a lowly creature crated from mud that was the lowest rank of life form in existence with the Angels and Archangels and son of Jesus and God being above us all. The fact is that we are the exact reflection of Father/Mother God(dess). Good now that we have established that, we were also blessed with the power of our creator, but fear of those in power would have us believe that we are not gifted with any such things and that those who claim to be are in league with the devil, how clever!. I come to tell all what they already consciously or subconsciously know. That we all are so powerful. Just today I was confronted again with the reality of this truth.

I was at home trying to read a spiritual book, but there was so much noise in the hallway, So much loud talk that I could barely understand what was going on but I know it was definitely a heated argument, I ignore it for a little while but after some time it became to much, so I made them go inside with out even moving from my seat on the sofa. And we can all do this, its just a matter of believing….and of course, of putting it to the test to reinforce your own faith in yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you think you can or cant do it, because no matter what it is inherit in all beings therefor whether you can do it or not, you can always do it, make sense? Its just a  matter of time before you amaze yourself and recognize the power you hold inside of you. We are all miracles of light condensed in to matter.

For some they have a hard time working with energy and for that reason there is the guide I have written previously to get you used to working with your own energy. Click to access Part 1 and Part 2 if you need help learning to feel your own energy. Those are the more basic guides, while this new 3rd part focuses more on accessing and focusing the whole energy at will with out needing to raise it, this usually is done after we learn to FEEL the energy, because once we learn to FEEL the energy we can then learn to recognize that it is already raised in all our body, especially in the heart chakra. One thing that I want to note here is that the more we work with our energy, the more we will gain access to various types of different abilities. For example, when I first started working with energy, I went from simply accessing clairvoyance or playing around with the weather to making people calm down and go inside as was the case today.

Energy is magnetic and reaches out to the divine presence Father/Mother God(dess). It reaches out and calls for the divine essence in all things. it is all things and when we tap in to this divine source of life it replenishes our bodies, it is the fountain of youth for the soul. The more we drink of it the more we are powerfully activated and connected to the collective life force. Below is the more advanced version of the two guides above.

Normally this shouldn’t need any preparation…Simply knowing and being familiar with your energy is enough.

You will need some way to practice, try any real life situation, I’m sure something is available somewhere!

When you want to affect a situation in your environment you will need to tap in to that energy. By now after practicing with Part 1 and Part 2 you should not need to raise the energy. Simply thinking of using abilities should raise it for you automatically with out any effort whatsoever. Usually you will feel it in the heart chakra as that is where most have raised it to, so now when you turn on that focus of using your abilities somehow, the energy will automatically be raised by you to the heart chakra. You will know it has occurred because you will feel a vibration there, your heart rate will increase and you will be extremely energized, as if your about to fall from really high on a roller coaster. You might also feel a tingle on your crown as you harness whatever ability it is your focusing on. When the energy is raised in preparation to be used by whatever ability, it spreads out..like in the image below:

The energy spreads to our most vital energy points to be used in whatever way we are going to use it. Please always use it for good! because Karma really is a bitch! Naturally we always have energy flowing in and all around us but when we use our abilities the energy is automatically focused on key points in our body that activates our abilities, for example, our 3rd eye, our chakra, our ears, our hands etc.

Now the next step is using it. If you are trying to affect a situation in your environment, like I wrote that I did above then you will want to use your mind, 3rd eye and your voice (the power of manifestation). Focus on the situation, what is going on? how can you help? how is it affecting you? but most importantly, command whatever it is to cease, see the answers to those questions in your mind and command them out loud, with great force. You MUSTbelieve you can affect the situation, Take all that energy that is stored in your heart chakra and use it when commanding through your voice.

  • Command out loud with the energy being sent out and by envisioning it in your mind.
  • Believe in can be done and command that it be so….Do NOT have even a shred of doubt.
  • You shouldn’t have to say it more then 3 times.
  • With really difficult situations I sometimes add the phrase: I Manifest It So!
  • You can also SEND OUT the image from your minds eye and carry it through the energy you sent out.
  • When using it [the energy] in this way, know that the situation and even life itself is fluid and that you have complete control over it. We are not in anyway bound by and borders or boundaries, this realm is pure illusion, and it is our spirit that is real, like in the moving the Matrix. The clues are out there we just have to listen.
  • Most important of all, listen to your body! listen to yourself, you know best how to proceed with any given situation, in whatever way you use this energy, you know better then any one how to use the energy and your abilities.
  • Practice! always practice, energy may not be physical but it certainly needs to be exercised like a physical muscle. The  more you use it the more you will learn and the more your different abilities will begin to activate.

To use other abilities such as clairvoyance
Focus on your 3rd eye and proceed with the steps above omitting the commanding out loud part and the part where you say something. This requires quiet concentration. One you feel your energy, use the energy to activate your 3rd eye and proceed below:

  • Tell someone to put something in a box next have them place both boxes in front of you and ask you what box they put it in.
  • Instead of sending out an image as told above, your going to pull the image in. Pull the image in by sucking in the image of the boxes in to your 3rd eye, This might seem difficult but, bear with me, Imagine energy being around the boxes, obviously there is some kind of energy around it because it was ‘touched‘ by man, so while this may not be exactly living energy, it is still energized. Take this energy and pull it in to your minds eye.
  • See with your minds eye which one has an imprint. The one with the imprint should cause a warm, fuzzy feeling in your 3rd eye area, in fact it may even affect your whole forehead. See if you were right!
  • Keep practicing!

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