Origin Of The Anunnaki

February 22, 2012 — 4 Comments

After covering the topic about Fallen Angels (you can read part 1 and part 2 here) I have been wanting to shed some light on another topic, the topic of the race of the Anunnaki. I always hear talk of a race coming down from the heavens and creating man for a variety of different reasons (you can read more about that here), most of the time they are said to be reptilian/Draconian beings with a negative or positive agenda depending on the weaver of the tale. The thing I would like to point out is that the Anunnaki aren’t just one race, they don’t come from one star system or planet or galaxy etc and haven’t been properly given a race (or species for that matter) by any ancient texts including the Sumerian tablets. All that is said about them is that they came down from the heavens. Not that they were any particular race.

First we have to look at the translation of Anunnaki. (An-unna-ki) is the collective term for the divine ‘Lofty Ones‘ and meant:, ‘Heaven Came to Earth‘ (An-unna-ki), alternatively, they were the softer-sounding Anannage-the fiery sons of heaven, or Shinning Ones.
The definition of Eloh (Lofty One) derived from the Akkadian term Ilu, ilu, the nominative plural masculine form of the Akkadian stem il-, = “god

As you can see from the quotes above (and below) from Genesis Of the Grail Kings, there is no particular “Race” assigned to the Anunnaki. They are simply described as beings that came from the heavens, the fiery or lofty ones. In regards to the fiery description or the shinning ones, it is very reminiscent of the Seraphim. A seraph (pl. seraphim; Hebrew: śərāfîm, singular śārāf; Latin: seraphi[m], singular seraph[us]; Greek: σεραφείμ) is a type of celestial or heavenly being in the Abrahamic religions. Literally “burning ones“, the word seraph is normally a synonym for serpents when used in the Hebrew Bible.

The biblical term that was used to denote Serpant was nahash. However, before the vowels were added , the original Hebrew stem was NHSH, which meant ‘to decipher‘ (to find out, or to divine). So, from where are the Anunnaki? to date no definite origin has been given but they did have their own equivalent of an annual calculation (the 360 degree sha), then try as we might to find another explanation for their existence, everything points to them being from another world. In this regards the King List is quite specific, stating that their office of kingship was ‘lowered from heaven‘.

NOT from a particular place in heaven.

Beings or people were also so called Serpents because of their usage of snakes for healing and reaching for higher state of consciousness. This is because the serpentine shape of the snake could be used as universal symbol which described hidden processes linked with the body (microcosmos) and Universe (macrocosmos). For example, Enki was said to be associated with the Serpent who told Eve the truth about the tree of knowledge so that she and Adam could reach enlightenment and understanding.

The serpent has never had any dark or sinister connotations except for that imposed on the Genesis text by latter-day church doctrines. -GGKs

From this so far we can deduce that the Anunnaki were perhaps wise Angels (or extraterrestrial beings) who came down from heaven imparting knowledge and wisdom among the people of Earth.


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