The Spirit Of Truth

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

I am sure you have heard the saying every road leads to Rome well every road leads to father/mother God(dess)  even though billions on this planet will have you believe otherwise…Imagine the greatest most loving parent on earth and multiply that love by 1000 and 1000 infinite and beyond that is just how much father/mother God(dess) loves us/creation both Us and the earth, however humanity has false idols and what I mean by this is not what people think I am not speaking of statues and images that people worship what I speak of is the fact that this society believes things about father/mother God(dess) that are false, father/mother God(dess) is NOT vengeful, father/mother God(dess) does not favor one nation or belief over the next like the, father/mother God(dess) does NOT have chosen people and father/mother God(dess) does not banish his/her children to an everlasting hell or any hell for that matter.

For example, demons and angels are real however not in the way many think, these beings are just like you and I and no different, they exist in this world and dimension and others, they are people like you and I who are negative and positive and a mix of the two, there are various star nations (ET races) who want only to bring down every other race in the galaxy and spaces beyond our space and there are those who will give their very own life to protect all life as they have done many times for the earth. They have challenges just as we do in love, loss, you name it, some who have become known through time as Angelics or Angels have mastered most things and have evolved long before the human race was created and these are the nations from beyond this world who have protected younger races still in the process of their evolution.

Many religions and beliefs have been created centering around the various angels who see this race and all others as Equals. Religions have been created for two reasons and one is for control, this is when the manipulation of the bible came to be by those who only care about their service to self agenda and this is also when various teachings had to be coded in the bible in order to perserve ancient knowledge, this was done by a few who despire pressure from the church were able to include their coded messages. These humans were seduced with thoughts of wealth and power, since that day these humans have grown exponentially in power covertly serving their negative agendas.

The abassadors of father/mother God(dess) have returned to assist in the freeing of humanity and usher in the light and help us bring this earth back to the beautiful Eden it once was but they need to work from the inside they along side the starseeds and other enlightened humans are here to help raise the frequency of this planet and help humanity and to help humanity remember their true potential and to awaken them to the many truths they are entitled to.

Another reason religion exists and causes such conflict is because humanity does not know the truth of their history, they believe that if they do not FIGHT for THEIR father/mother God(dess) they will suffer an eternity of pain and suffering in some pit of hell with a terrifying beast and this was done on purpose by the church because they knew the best way to control humanity and keep them fearful enough that they would continue to fight and create conflict was through the threat of eternal pain, torment and suffering of themselves and their loved ones and this way the church would always be in power. As a young race the humans don’t understand that hell and death never existed to begin with, dying is an illusion and when one passes a new chapter in our life begins just as a person dies to live on earth so too does a person die to live elsewhere and continue learning and this causes past lives.

But unfortunately earth humans do not know this because they believe they are trapped and that some off world entity controls every aspect of their lives, while Yes there is a father/mother God(dess) that loves and wants to protect us there is also a such thing as free will. Free will was given to us because even though we before birth discussed what we would and would not experience as physical beings with father/mother God(dess) we were still given the gift of being able to change whatever detail we did not agree with once we became physical beings meaning that WE create our reality, our life, but religion will have you believe that you are powerless and that father/mother God(dess) dictates all aspect of your existence what then is the purpose of free will? why would God give us free will only to throw us in to a pit of fire if we did something that God did not agree with? Many say that this is what free will is all about that we are being tested but that is a human concept, father/mother God(dess) does not need to TEST any of us in order to know our hearts and our minds. At the time of our creation father/mother God(dess) knew exactly what we would do or not do. We are a learning experiment and father/mother God(dess) learns through us as we learn through physical existence, all of existence moving and evolving en mass.

Now, there is another reason why religion was created, originally, religion wasn’t known as so, it was instead, ancient knowledge and texts, it was knowledge from father/mother God(dess) brought by the ambassadors and given to certain adepts and spiritual teachers, in order to connect man to father/mother God(dess), it was a link between matter and spirit, it was knowledge given by father/mother God(dess) to the ambassadors of father/mother God(dess), the ambassadors are known by many different names, Annunaki, Elohim, Angels, Extraterrestrials, the Buddha, the Christ and so on. they came as messengers of spirit to help humanity evolve both physically and spiritually. They brought with them the principles of sacred understanding. Much of this ancient knowledge was corrupted and destroyed by the church, but there is in the bible and other religious texts, the original coded sacred knowledge brought down by the ambassadors of father/mother God(dess). Their greatest teachings by these adepts and spiritual teachers was that we are divine.

We are not attached to our physical body our physical body is attached to us. Imagine for a moment you are a being of pure light that is about to experience physical existence, many believe that they are born in to the physical world but actually it is the physical world that is born in to us. A reality is chosen by you at the time of this decision to live and learn from and you experience this reality in a dimensional form, you go from pure energy to matter to energy a state of consciousness that is achieved through a shift in energy. This physical reality is just a state of mind, you are limitless and indestructible. You are all infinite undying sources of powerful energy that exists on many levels. Since you come from father/mother God(dess) you are able to exist on all levels of reality but the illusion that you are tied down to the 3rd dimensional world is what keeps you from experiencing your different levels of being.

People live in fear because they believe that it ends or that they will be cast in to hell or limbo and they create different truths to keep them from experiencing a total break down, truth is that there never was any such thing as hell or eternal suffering. The only thing that is real is that you will consciously acknowledge that you have been living in a different energetic density and you have not at all left your plane of higher consciousness rather your consciousness has become conscious of a denser energy. Whatever paths you chose in this current energy is neither wrong nor right and will aid you in your path of evolution, no path is wrong or right as long as you allow yourself to be open to the possibility of growth and change, for this is how one truly evolves and acknowledges the conscious shift in energy density….seek and ye shall find the spirit of truth.

Peace be upon you
With much love


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