The Awakening Of Humanity

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

When you start to recognize that you are responsible for all life forms because you are all life forms and all life forms are you and that life is a spiderweb of inter-connected energies and when you look after your fellow man you are looking after yourself and moving closer to source energy in turn opening yourself up to abilities you never thought were possible. You will realize that you can shape your future, predict outcomes and heal the world and all those who come in contact with you.

Opportunities will present themselves that will allow you to live in total peace and harmony, suddenly all your worries, stress, money problems, relationship problems etc will be a thing of the past as you realize that once you move with spirit, spirit moves with you and for you. father/mother God(dess) will never allow an experience to take place unless it was agreed upon by father/mother God(dess) and us the extensions of father/mother God(dess) consciousness, but whatever is agreed upon that does not mean you cant change the outcome, that is the beauty of free will.

You as physical father/mother God(dess) energy can agree with father/mother God(dess) what you will experience in 3rd dimensional reality but you have the power to decide the outcome and change any experience you may have if a particular lesson is to difficult reach out to father/mother God(dess) and say what the problem is and how it can be fixed or how you prefer another completely different lesson, father/mother God(dess) is not here to make learning impossible you just have to realize that you are allowed to raise your hand and ask questions, your allowed to tell your teacher the lesson is to difficult and that is the new energy slowly (e)merging with planet earth. The divine spark that has for so long remained dormant has been re-ignited.

The huamnity is remembering their place in the cosmos and taking center stage as divine manifestation, divine beings having a physical experience, this new energy brings with it awesome amounts of light encoded data that is transmitted in various forms and is now presenting itself invisibly through the star children, starseeded souls who volunteered to make a difference by coming into this dimension/planet and assisting mother earth and the human race by meditating and other forms which helps to raise the frequency of earth and humanity by being living examples of the power of love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness toward other life forms and in being proactive in the awakening of the human race through the uncovering and sharing of the truth of galactic civilizations that have visited earth since before the time of Jesus and has been kept under lock and key.

However as we all know the truth eventually resurfaces especially with the coming of this new energy. You can see this new energy, it is in the hearts of every man and woman who is asking questions now, it is noticeable in the many people that are fed up with the path this world is taking and no longer will be silenced, in those who are starting to finally realize that they have been lied to for ages by others just like them who have known the secrets and have used this to rise to power both political and religious power but all this will become a thing of the past shortly.

The illuminated yet unawakened ones will themselves be transformed, they will obtain a conscious in place of ego and this will allow them to admit their wrong doings and crimes against humanity though some may not completely admit their wrong doings but as stated, truth will surface as some already has, the truth is just one of many changes. A complete reconstruction of the human race and planet earth will take place, change will take place within the DNA of humanity that will allow the revelation and unveiling of knowledge of many things, many different realities will for the first time in this civilizations history be observed. For those who could see these realities already they will from now on be able to see things with greater clarity and for those who could not a whole new world will become part of their every day life.

They will see things they never knew existed with their own two eyes and suddenly they will never feel alone or abandoned again no matter the situation their lives may face because they will know that they are the secret of life, that we are all a perfect design, a truly priceless work of art made by a most brilliant artist, this artist did not have years of college to design the most perfect specimen, we are all father/mother God(dess) creation, father/mother God(dess) children all though father/mother God(dess) wants the best for us and is our father and mother it is our responsibility to fix our problems though it is OK to seek guidance in doing so. We all have to be an example for others, in this new energy man will not just walk on by if someone is in trouble, many will offer assistance to someone without being asked, many will speak truth.

We are all living opportunities of change, the garden of Eden is within each person who decides to love instead of hate, to share instead be greedy, who chooses words of peace over aggressive actions and so on, because it is us who determines when we reach higher dimensions, it is us who determines when we will have heaven on earth because heaven is a name given to something as a way to try to explain what has been lost and reserved to a select few. But it can be attained if everyone works together right now and there is no selection process, you don’t need to wait, heaven can be yours right now, you can feel it in your soul, you don’t need to be worthy or chosen to know heaven, you just need to realize that heaven is a world created by you not a world beyond your own. The new energy of the 5th dimension brings with it a new season of hope and true change but you have to have the key and that key is love, compassion and forgiveness. It really is that simple.

 Nothing is more important then the aspect of love and the implementation of light (Information) and Christ consciousness to be implemented in to this earth and her people, the world has reached a point in time where they are at the cusp of discovering the greatest truth ever denied. The truth of ONEness, this truth has been denied for decades and continues to be the reality that will set humanity free. For so long humanity has been divided and conquered and now time has come for humanity to return back to ONEness for all things that are disconnected eventually reconnect. All souls come from father/mother God(dess), father/mother God(dess) force of the universe and all are connected back to father/mother God(dess). There is no such thing as race, religion status etc…This 3D dimension is a virtual matrix of illusions and only the soul is real. Once humanity understands this everything else will fall in to place such as a free society that has manifested the Christ energy (the energy of love, truth and cosmic awareness).


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