Manifestation: The Hidden Truth

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Everything we as a species experience is a lesson a test that we have to pass in order to graduate, now the hard part is not the tests or getting to graduation the hard part is realizing that these lessons ARE the tests. When one figures out that even though these lessons are harsh they will lead to a grand awakening and graduation that is when one truly graduates. Another reason why things happen and people are capable of certain things is because sub consciously they are fed up with the destruction of their former self, their divinity has been stolen and completely destroyed. and the soul is fighting to figure out a way to implement it once again but those that are lost or have no way of knowing how to go about it become confused, angry, spiteful and destructive.

Most people have so many questions and none can be answered because they are being conditioned by false teachings that are given by organized religions which were corrupted and manipulated eons ago to control humanity so that mankind will never achieve and re implement their divinity because if they do then those in power loose their dominion over this planet. They can no longer be fed and rule because indeed these forces have fed upon the negativity of this planet for centuries. It makes them stronger and stronger in turn making them able to rule and steal more of our divinity which makes them in the eyes of mankind as Gods…or prophets.

And so in turn they create more and more havoc..just as they have recently done so with the threat of nuclear attack by North Korea, The Swine Flue and September 11th. But for those of us who know the reality of everything that has happened and is happening to us and the world we can rise above this and feed them no more. One thing that we can use every day is the reality of Manifestation. Jesus tried to pass on this teaching to his brothers and sisters (humans) but alas it was lost and ridiculed by the church so that we can not know of this truth, but the fact is that some of us remember.

The ability to change ones own life has always been there however many have forgotten the way it actually works and just how much it can personally change ones life so I will first share how I was shown how it works and how that alone changed my life for the better. The mind is of course the main control center of the soul while it powers the vessel of human experience and it works in much the same way as a computer only far more advanced and limitless, so imagine if you will for a moment a computer that is unlimited and flawless now picture a regular computer like the one in front of you at this very moment, this computer naturally comes with a few programs to get you started (the bare essentials) ultimately you have the choice to input various types of data such as a messaging program or another browser or operating system and this is how manifestation works.

When you voice a desire, a need, usually you say I wish I could obtain this or I would like to do that one day or I will never be able to do that, truth is that you can do whatever you want right now! YOU can influence the world or you can get that cab to get to your house just a little bit quicker, see when you voice something your putting information back into to your computer (the mind). Every second of the day the mind translates information, whenever you look at something, touch something or smell something the mind translates it and thus you are inputting new data into the mind, now our higher self can also input information into the mind, if you say for example I am going to land that job tomorrow this inputs the data into your mind thus it is picked up by the soul (higher self) and your soul then inputs the data into the universe in turn creating/shaping your reality.

You have always had the power to do this but from birth man is made to believe that man is not in control of his/her own future and that is far from the truth, however you have to believe it with out a doubt, the mind announces this to your higher self and your higher self to the universe, because the mind translates the outside world and influences from the physical to the spirit and the spirit to the universe and the universe to your personal reality, All things happen for a reason but man was given the ability to manifest his or her own reality (Free will)…Now is the time to positively affect your life.

This is an art that has been abused by those in power, for so many centuries they have kept this simple and obvious reality from humankind, why? because they are drunk with wealth and control and everything they have ever manifested has only positively benefited them and negatively affected mankind and of course they don’t want us to know about it and I can not stress this enough: Say it (Manifest it), Don’t Doubt it (Upload It To The Mind) and ( The Soul Receives It) furthermore a curious saying comes to mind: Reach For The Stars, Expect Nothing And Everything Will Be Given.

In Service To
father/mother God(dess)


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