Live With The Heart Of A Child

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

Though children on the other hand are for the most part born conscious of the abilities and even though some of their abilities may lie dormant the greatest super power and ability that children have and that we can learn from is love and with love which a child’s love is unconditional comes compassion and forgiveness, a child is innocent and free of judgment…pure love just like the creator and this great super power anyone can attain.

If everyone had the heart of a child life would be a playground but when innocence is lost and fear takes its place it is hard to think any other way other than survival of the fittest and sadly fear paralyzes and it dominates the lives of most of humanity. (note: in a poll conducted by CNN in February of 2009 it states that 73% of Americans are scared of the way life is and where it is headed in the united states, that is 73% of Americans! now imagine how many more humans live in fear in places like war torn Iraq or Afghanistan or those who are dying of disease and starvation in Africa. Fear is an artificial emotion.

Though it may seem harsh what would be the point of being a conscious being if there are no challenges in your journey? What would be the point of experiencing existence if everything is perfect all the time everywhere? we are gods consciousness and we are a way for God/Universal energy to learn and make mistakes in order to learn more about consciousness. So when you see life happen around you and it seems chaotic remember that there is a higher purpose and that we are painters on a roller coaster called life and the ride is supposed to be bumpy and is supposed to have many twists and upside downs. It is not our place to judge the lessons because then we would be judging the actions of our higher power thus judging ourselves.


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