Life Is No Accident

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

To (a young civilization) it seems like life is an accident but how can life be an accident if there are emotions? how can life be an accidental when there are those who would just as soon give up their physical existence to save a complete stranger? that is no accident. that is evidence of something grand, something called love and if life came to be from a series of random events where did love come from? why does the mind push to want love or to help someone in danger or to jump in front of a bullet before it hits another? if this is all random should we care? why do we ponder these questions to begin with? the answer is simple because we are father/mother God(dess) consciousness and because father/mother God(dess) is pure love and desired to love, we were created by the desire to love and now we all create love.

It is however important recognize that all though the father/mother God(dess) is pure selfless love and through this father/mother God(dess) force we experience life there is two sides to father/mother God(dess), everything in life has opposites, the hot sun, the cool moon, land, water, fire, male, female, but all serve the same purpose to help in the survival and evolution of a species and so too does father/mother God(dess) . father/mother God(dess) is both male and female, negative and positive, because father/mother God(dess) is energy in its purest form and energy comes in various forms and so father/mother God(dess) also manifests negativity in such a manner that not only does it serve as a means for us to learn from but it also allows father/mother God(dess) energy to learn from creation itself much like a parent not only teaches their child but also learns from their child.

This is the mechanics of this spiritual journey of life and the reason why many have to start all over again even if they lead a wholesome life is because many do not realize they are in school and it takes more then good behavior to graduate to the next level of evolution. One must comprehend the lessons and pass the tests in order to graduate and torturing others (helping others awaken and ascend) and learning together accelerates the process because it is a show of selflessness and love the very substance that brought life in to existence.

Understanding the lessons is not hard at all, the material required to study in order to understand the lesson is right there in each and everyone’s soul all that is needed is a quite place where you can concentrate then everything will become clear and you will be guided in ways that will leave no room for doubt. As new energy makes itself available and incorporates itself throughout your existence and throughout our galaxy you will begin to have proof personally of your direct connection to father/mother God(dess) and all the various extensions of self. You will realize that the true nature of everything and the purpose of life is You! and as you integrate this in to your every day life you will see that you are what makes and creates life, you are the painter of the blank canvas and you are the architect of your personal existence.

You will realize that each and every level of existence has no borders or boundaries, it will become known that all this time it was you who was holding you back, simply waiting for the right time. It is easy to realize the fact that you have become connected to other higher dimensions and the civilizations that inhabit them, you will begin to notice that you are not only never alone but part of advanced beings who view you as an equal, who do not see you as a lesser being but as a fellow artist helping along the path, beings who see you as an equal extension of father/mother God(dess) that is far from it’s source but holds amazing potential.

Humanity can do everything the star people can do, the human mind is capable of so many infinite possibilities but sadly most of mankind does not believe much is possible though many things will become a very real part of reality as time goes by and moves up the ladder of ascension.


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