Ascension (The New Energy)

January 30, 2012 — Leave a comment

There is a new energy that has engulfed all galaxies, it is an energy so potent that it is felt even in those that deny themselves the light… it is the energy of evolution and the end of a cycle. In this lifetime we have never experienced the end of a cycle but now we are in it. The end of a great cycle and the beginning of a new semester, the end of each cycle marks a change in the evolution of consciousness because when we graduate and finish this cycle father/mother God(dess) has completed this cycle of consciousness.

For example when father/mother God(dess) first decided to expand in to consciousness a world was created and a reality was created and this world eventually had life, this life began as a single cell organism which then evolved in to a more complex being which then eventually became multi cell organisms that had instinct and awareness then this cycle of understanding ended and father/mother God(dess) evolved and with this type of universal knowledge created an even more advanced life form such as the dinosaurs and then when these beings learned about consciously living in harmony with the land father/mother God(dess) ended that cycle because father/mother God(dess) learned about all this and was ready to create the next life forms of consciousness that were to be more advanced and further help father/mother God(dess) to understand consciousness. This was done throughout the multiverse and beyond multi galaxies simultaneously.

This is the civilization of technological awareness and this civilization has learned and taught everything possible in regards to this old energy of fossil fuels and oil etc. Now it is time to ascend and start a new age of enlightenment as a galactic society. We will move from using harmful fuels and technologies to using green alternatives/clean and safe technologies, space travel, open ET contact and so much more. Everything is a cycle, like energy from the past that moved on and became conscious elsewhere so too might we go to other planets and start new lives and become conscious in another higher reality. Remember you are the painter and all you are doing is moving to another town…whatever you wish from the future you can manifest, it is all really up to you.

This is the new energy of change, of conscious creation that is moving so fast that it is barely noticeable but the changes are there for everyone to see, to feel and to bath in. It is time to realize that all life forms on earth and in this present reality are being given the chance to chose if they wish  to at this time to evolve or remain in current form in this reality. There is no wrong or right, good or evil…there is only various forms and levels of father/mother God(dess) consciousness that allows the free will to continue to evolve and move up the ladder of ascension or merge at a later time. father/mother God(dess) knows what portion of spirit needs to move on or not , what we as student teachers must do and when because in doing so we all evolve anyway.


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