The Struggle Of The Physical World And Our Central Light Bodies

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

We spend all our lives trying to figure out what to do with out realizing that our spirits already know. Every decision we make, every action taken is part of our spirits divine plan, it may not always be what we want, and when it’s not it’s because it’s a test of our will, our strength and especially a test of our faith, faith in our selves. How much do we trust ourselves? how far are we willing to go? will we keep on going or just cave in? bad things happen in our lives, and when they do they make us stronger because they help us examine our strengths and weaknesses, in doing so whatever is weak becomes strong and whatever is strong becomes stronger then before. We elevate our spirit through the hardships we experience, however difficult they may be.  What is most calming is that we have the ability to be our own spiritual master and teacher. If we allow ourselves to move past conditional thinking and fear we can open our hearts to the greater teachings locked within, we become the children of light we have always been.

When we surrender ourselves to fearlessness we are in essence surrendering ourselves to Gods will, or the universal will if you like, or even your own will, however you like it, and that is the point, its about the things you manifest in to your reality. What will be your reality? what will you strive towards? the power really is in our hands and the sooner we realize this the sooner we will be freed from our invisible prisons, we often think that what someone says is the sacred truth, but sometimes we fail to realize is that God has given us the power to seek our own truth, the great father/mother God(dess) is within us already. Don’t be fooled…God loves us ALL.

It matters not our sexual preference, our belief, our views, who or what we worship, or even our transgressions, as unpopular a belief as this may be it is not Gods judgement that we have to worry about but our own! the worst debt in the world is our own Karma. Our Karma will remain as long as we continue to take part in earthly processes. Meaning, as long as we continue to think and act like the world, the word will continue to manifest itself as our reality, if we are privy to the thoughts of the world then certainly we shall surely share it’s fears and limits. But changing the world is as easy as changing ourselves, as long as we don’t give in to the ignorance that comes from fear our spirits will be free to soar and discover new worlds and realities, that we as infinite creators and divine blue printers create ourselves.

We are more powerful then we give ourselves credit for, each day we struggle to survive in this world, we are daily reminded of the failing economy, rising gas and food prices, crime, war and a whole slue of other things that distract and knock us off the path towards spiritual enlightenment, but it is meant to do that, as I stated above, it is a known fact that the harder we work towards something the more we appreciate it….see the connection now? eventually the trauma of the world of man will shake us to the core so much so that it triggers a powerful awakening, reminding us that we are the children of the universe, divine energy condensed in to carbon matter, we are like diamonds, our creation is not easy, it takes lots of pressure and many many years, but eventually, a beautiful jewel is formed, the same goes with us, there is a lot of pressure on us as we reside in this physical plane, but after many many years, eventually our beautiful diamonds emerge (souls/lightbodies) and we become the living embodiment of our natural state.

All it takes to reach this state of being is to apply certain practices in our daily lives, the best of which are found within but most of all…

  • Realize that everything at every moment in every way is meant to make us stronger as a spiritual being.
  • Fear is a man made concept that limits and controls
  • It is not wise to limit one self to certain teachings and not others simply because they do not fit our accepted ideologies, to expand ones awareness is the quickest way to attaining spiritual enlightenment, listen to the call of your heart, to that inner voice urging you to listen, it knows where its going.
  • God has not, will not, and can not ever abandon you or judge you. Just as the sky can not abandon or judge the clouds. 
  • Surrendering ourselves to fearlessness allows us to create our realities by knowing that the great father/mother God(dess)/universal intelligence will naturally provide.
  • We are divine and can not ever stop being so, just as we can not change our DNA we can not change our central light body.

What is the central light body?
The central light body is our soul or spirit, it is the diamond that is hidden with our physical and etheric/astral body, it is the original crystalline creation before our conception in to carbon matter. Our physical body is a cocoon for our etheric/astral bodies and our etheric/astral bodies is a protection for our central light body, within our central light body is our divine spark, this spark is the father/mother God(dess)/universal intelligence that guides us and connects us with every single living being on and off world. Our formation, that of our central light bodies took place in the central sun, and therefor it is our central light body, our original creation.

The Great Central Sun
The Great Central Sun is the Source and the Center of a Galaxy and a Cosmos. It is the Point of Integration of the Spirit/Matter Cosmos, and the Origin of all physical-spiritual creation. It is the Nucleus, or White Fire Core, of the “Cosmic Egg”. (The God Star Sirius is a Focus of the Great Central Sun in our sector of the Galaxy.)

The Sun behind the Sun is the Spiritual Cause behind the physical effect we see as our own Physical Sun and all other stars and star systems, seen or unseen, including the Great Central Sun. The Sun behind the Sun of Cosmos is perceived as the Cosmic Christ – the Word by Whom the Formless was endowed with form and Spiritual Worlds were draped with physicality. 3

“The Great Central Sun is One with every individual’s Mighty I AM Presence.” 1 Also known as:

  • The Source
  • The Great Hub 3
  • Central Source of Life and Intelligence 1
  • The Heart of God
  • Great Central Source
  • Great Central Source of All Intelligence 1

Central sun referenceAscension Research Center


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