Problem With Lights And Electrical Devices Getting Worse

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

This phenomena is starting to annoy me and my family, they actually have banned me from touching light switches because I blow all the lights in the house. One of them actually joked that I should start wearing rubber gloves. We have had an electrician come out 3 times! and each time they said there is nothing wrong with the wiring. It usually happens only once in a while but lately it’s been happening a lot more then we want it to happen. I am getting tired of having to buy light bulbs every couple of weeks. I have noticed when I touch the light switch that causes all the other lights in the home to blow you can hear a zip sound that happens JUST before I make contact with the light switch, it does not happen to anyone else in my family, and I have been trying to find a solution.

It started when I was little and has gotten worse these past few months, I myself am actually afraid of touching light switches or electrical devices of any kind. It happened today again which has led me to try and find an answer for what this is. It’s like I know it is about to happen, my body has a reaction, a surge I feel traveling through me and out my hand and fingers but I can’t react in time to stop it. Today, I was reaching to turn on the living room light switch because I was closer and my roommate just said oh screw it just turn it on for me please, and I did and the same thing happened, I felt that surge and the zip sound just before I touched the switch and then lights blew again.

From now on I am going to just use my sleeve to turn them on or off and see if that helps. I don’t remember being any particular state of mind, I wasn’t angry or overly excited or anything and yes, usually I am but this time it happened when I was rather calm. I don’t know maybe I was extremely focused and didn’t realize. I wish I could turn this off, It really is useless and annoying and not to mention expensive, the price of light blubs adds up over time. I had to take a breather today because I got so angry at myself for this. Angry that it’s something that is a part of me yet I have no control over. This might of been fun when I was younger on the occasions it did happen but it’s not so fun anymore. I use to know how to at least calm my energy to make it not happen as often? but now, it is happening quite often and no matter what I do or what stones I carry it happens.


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