My Energy Warping Silver

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment
Ever since my awakening I have been having a hard time with anything electronic and with lights and even watches of all kinds. Almost every time I touch a light bulb it blows, when I go to turn on a light switch or turn it off I blow the fuses and the entire house looses power. TVs, Radios and other electronics will turn on or off around me and even switch channels. And the most annoying part is that my computer freezes A LOT even though I clean it out and keep virtually nothing on it so it has enough ram. But especially when I am in a highly energetic mood such as angry or really excited, I have to actually get up and walk away from it. My roommate has actually banned me from touching light bulbs because we are always having to replace them. I haven’t been able to use watches in forever because when I wear a watch it stops working shortly after I put it on. As soon as I take it off it starts working again. Eventually my adoptive family stopped buying me watches.
Another thing that happens with me is that Jewelry actually warps from my strong energy. My energy apparently is too strong and bends the jewelry in weird ways. Below is a picture of a ring I have had for several years, it’s a very strong ring, thick White Gold and Sterling Silver, I never take this ring off as it is quite significant for me, The ring began to warp about 3wks after I bought it and put it on. One ring that was cheap and not so durable, actually broke. Note that when I bought this ring it was a perfect circle.

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