Learning Abilities – Part 2 (Using Our Energy)

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

So in the first article we learned to raise our energy and get used to it being raised, this was the precursor to using our abilities, we all naturally have different things were good at, some are good at controlling weather, others are good at healing, some are good at reading auras and channeling, others are good at astral projection and travel, some are good at all of the above. Find what you feel most comfortable with and use that are your point of direction.

I am not liable for any problems that may arise from this, do it at your own discretion, if your heart starts beating abnormally fast then stop, relax and try again later, it’s normal for your heart rate to increase but if it does so to much then that’s a sign your using to much energy.

I am not just saying this because I am a starseed, lol, I am saying this from experience, as with everything anything you try regarding abilities etc works best when you are heart centered. But you already know that 🙂

You should be well rested and not tired when doing this cause it takes A LOT of energy! don’t use artificial methods of re-energizing, if you really want to do it now, try meditating and re-energizing with energy from the all, the spirit that moves through all things, it’s all around us, you can call it the force if you like :).

Note that this will most likely feel uncomfortable at first, sorry there is no way around that, :\ truly raising energy is always uncomfortable but you get used to it after sometime.

Quick Energy Test
In this part we are going to get used to using our energy which we can now raise. Now we can do more advanced things like moving the energy around our bodies, if you have already done this feel free to skip this step. Start small though don’t over do yourself, because as you know that can be dangerous.

To see if you are ready to go further in the lesson, raise your energy as you did in lesson one and follow the additional steps below:

  1.  Move your energy to your hands and see if they get hot.
  2. While your hands are hot pick up a crystal or similar object and see if you can feel the crystal reacting to the heat in your hands. This is a good way to also activate crystals.
  3. Or you can pass your hands over someone and ask them how it feels to their body. Does it feel warm to the touch or hot? does it feel cold?

  • Hot hands signify a lot of energy has been raised and centralized in the area of the hands, good indicator your ready to move on.
  • Warm hands mean that you may need a little more practice.
  • This one is obvious! it means that you should practice raising energy a little more before moving forward.

Using Your Energy

Do what you did in part one to raise the energy.

This time take the energy all the way up to your heart chakra. Hold it there as long as you can, you should be able to do this with no problems if you have mastered lesson one. If you still have problems you can go back to lesson one or try some breathing exercises while doing this, as you breath out raise the energy up, for example as you breath out picture your breath going down and the energy going up. Breath in and out if it helps.

As you charge the energy in your heart chakra, envision what it is you want to direct this energy towards, do you want to bring rain to a drought ridden state? do you want to manifest something in your life? do you want to heal? It is up to you what you want to accomplish but I suggest that you start off small. Once you have the energy in the heart chakra hold it there till it is fully charged with heart energy. It is fully charged when you start to feel a tingle in your heart chakra, the more you do it the less time it will take to charge. Now take this energy and direct it to whatever outcome you want.

To direct the energy, hold both hands facing each other in front of each breast or chest, fingers spread apart as if your holding a ball and suck up the energy from the heart chakra, feel and see the energy forming a swirling ball in front of you and in your hands. Now take this as you envision your outcome and push it forward and out to be manifest, as if you were throwing a basket ball at someone, don’t just shoot your hands out, really feel like you are throwing this charged energy ball, shoot it out with all your might and focus.

Then it helps it repeat the words: It is made manifest.

Depending on what you decided to focus on, you should see results shortly, if you for example wanted to make it rain somewhere, look for clouds developing, and watch the weather channel and listen for them talk about unexpected rain. DON’T doubt yourself! there is no such thing as coincidence.

If you directed this towards healing others, ask them how they feel but wait a day or two before asking them, let the energy work it’s magic, this also may apply for weather manipulation.

Same thing goes if your trying to heal yourself.

Never ever use any of these techniques to harm another person because it will backfire on you, even if your directing it towards the elite, the government etc. Energy sent out with negative intent will create a thoughtform and this thoughtform may return to find the source of it’s energy. So think twice about that.

As always let me know how it goes and if you have any questions.


  • If you want a little extra help don’t feel bad about calling on Archangel Michael to assist you. He will gladly do so.
  • Incense helps to focus as the smoke can be seen as the energy going towards it’s destination, especially if you push the smoke out with the energy ball, this is useful if you have problems visualizing.
  • Don’t feel bad if you don’t get it the first time. It takes practice. Just don’t give up.

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