Healing, Contact And Being Spoken To In Latin

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

During the middle of this week I got knocked off my high horse, I laugh about this now because it was an interesting series of events that worked to strengthen my faith in all that I believe in even more. Just when I was becoming doubtful of it. The universe has an interesting way of teaching us things and restoring faith in our soul path, of giving new strength, of providing that energy that makes you know that you are doing the right things in life and to get up, dust yourself off and keep on going. For that I am ever so grateful! Amen!. I love that we are never alone, I love that if you pay attention you can talk to the source, the universe and beyond. This week I was bragging about how I never get sick, I haven’t been sick since I was 13, my family members all fell ill and days passed, and I drank after them and nothing, till apparently someone higher up got tired of my ego boasting and I fell ill with Laryngitis, I haven’t been sick since I was 13 so it took me a while to know what exactly to do. I spent all week consuming honey like it was water.

It helped just not in the way I wanted it to. I refused to take medicine. I wouldn’t take any kind of pharmaceutical drug if I was on my death bed. I just wont take my body with that garbage and if it is my time to go it is my time to go, so be it I don’t fear death as I have already died, I was declared legally dead back in 2000 for 3 minutes, may of been longer I don’t remember. I know for one, the body can do it all alone, why people think they need drugs is beyond me, and two, I know that there are higher beings that are always ready to provide their loving assistance, that is with out doubt, I know that now, but before this whole thing started, I was sort of doubting my beliefs, loosing faith, why? well because I haven’t had contact for a while with the star people or star family and or ascended masters or angels in the physical realm (i.e. UFOs) and the last astral contact was about a month or two ago.

So I was loosing faith and then I came down with this illness I was sure the Gods and other high beings had left my side, then it happened that I saw 3:33, and I remembered the importance of this triple digit, oh this blessed triple digit! I remember reading on Doreen virtues site that the number 333 meant that the ascended masters are with you now and to ask them for their help and guidance in whatever one may need, well I immediately prayed to them, to the same ones I always do, Ascended Master Immanuel (Jesus Christ), Kuan Yin and El Moyra. To my surprise however not only did they come forth but also the Archangels! There were more then one, about 3 or 4, and I heard them all say after I asked them to please heal my throat and remove this illness of ego from my being: “In So Nome” I said to myself, what does this mean? but the clocked ticked over to 3:34 and they had gone, so I quickly wrote down the phrase and entered it to an online translator from Latin to English, I knew it was Latin, because I can somehow read and understand some Latin, I don’t know how but I do and it came up as meaning:

Upon So Divine Will” but when I entered the phrase in English in to the translator it came up as: “Super Sic Numen” so apparently, the phrase “In So Nume” only translates to “Upon So Divine Will” if entered in Latin. It’s not the first time it has happened, where I get angels or ascended masters speaking to me in Latin of all languages for some reason. I think maybe its because I have a special love for Latin, I can read it most times and understand it most times but I have never ever studied it. Needless to say, when I awakened in the morning I was nearly 80% healed. Today I am fully healed, my voice is back and my throat no longer hurts.

The healing was instantaneous almost, and I am truly humbled, there aren’t words to say how grateful I am. There is also no way to prove this. But, what I can do is say that, I am grateful, more then grateful I am faithful, and my faith will never wane, not as long as I have breath, God loves and Gods love is forever, but also, we are so loved by our brothers and sisters in the higher realms. But I know with out God nothing is, as told to me by the angels, In So Numen (Upon So Divine Will).


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