Dreams About King David, Ancient Egypt, Rome And Angels And Demons

January 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

If someone were to ask me what is the most memorable part of your existence, to their surprise I would have to say my dreams. My dreams have never ceased to amaze me. Even as a child I had incredible dreams, so vivid and colorful, so real that I could feel the wind on my face, in fact they were as real as this waking world. From angels to vampires, and extraterrestrials to biblical figures and prophecy. I saw 911 years before it happened, and have dreamed of flying through earth and space. Out of all of these dreams there are a few that I have never forgotten for one reason or another I remember every single detail. One of these dreams is the dream of the angel and the demon….here are significant dreams I have had:

(The Angel And The Demon) 12 Years of age:
I went to sleep and had a very frighting experience, I went to sleep and woke up again in my sleep by a rumbling sound coming from the floor and as I looked from the top of my bunk bed there was a hole opening on the floor and I could see all sorts of flames coming out, then a huge ugly beast came out and ripped my soul out, as I watched horrified as my soul got ripped out I noticed the same thing happening above me, a hole began to open up on the ceiling and I saw beautiful clouds and then an angel appeared and took my soul back and put it back inside my body. The demon then ripped it out again and the angel took it back and put it back in me, this continued for a while till the angel finally won and she hovered there looking at me smiling and said:

You have a very important task and in the future you will figure it out but even when you do there will be an even greater task that will reveal itself after you figure out your mission. You are like me.

The Guardian And The Holy Mark
I had a dream that I have shared with very little folk….I had a dream I was on my way to my usual duties shopping, paying bills etc and I took a public train as I usually do but I felt that God wanted me to continue on in the train and miss my usual stop so I did this and I noticed that the train was not going through the city as it usually does in fact the further the train went the less populated the area became and then suddenly I was like a jungle and it reminded me of the Mayan jungles.

Suddenly I saw the area was under much distress and flooding and I heard a voice it was ETs contacting me and say that I had to help the survivors so of course I wanted to help others. So as the train neared the stop I noticed a small cottage like house practically under water and some old people a man and a woman standing on the roof barely clinging to the roof which was almost under water.

I noticed my train was then derailing but I was not scared the ET voice came back and said:

Fearless child you are safe

I remember smiling and extending my hand to pull the survivors to safety somehow to a patch of dry land, they looked very Mayan and I could not understand them nor they me but somehow we understood each other via the language of light. So we kept on going and suddenly we came to a bridge and the bridge had a gap in it so we decided to stop and rest for a moment and I rested for a bit when suddenly I felt like we were not alone.

The voice seemed closer now and suddenly, I felt safe and incredibly loved and full of cosmic energy that radiated everywhere, but I wondered about the couple so I looked back and they were not alarmed or alerted so I walked towards the water and up out of the water rose a giant white glowing orb UFO and it was like an organic life form that was a carrier of messages from ETs because ETs did not want to come down themselves for fear of violence from the US Government.

Of course I was still a bit hesitant to approach the vehicle and I approached cautiously but to my surprise as I did the vehicle would also move back a bit as if showing signs of being cautious as well, that surprised me and after a while of our little caution games we both approached each other. Then I touched the vehicle with my right hand and my hand went inside the white glowing orb and I could feel this warmth on my hand and I felt a love like no other and I felt safe so much so that in my dream I cried of joy (I actually woke up with tears) and when I removed my hand from the vehicle I had a mark on it, just a glowing blob of light that covered my hand and then it became invisible within my hand.

I asked the ship what was going on and the ship said that I had been chosen as Gods chosen but not as gods chosen children or anything like that because we are all his chosen children but as one of Gods chosen guardians of earth to guide humanity to peace in to the golden age, at least that is how the dream went, after that I could understand the couple who were with me and I led them to safety, I was also told that unlike the mark trying to be given by the USG that this mark is purely astral and then I awakened from my dream.

Egyptian Initiation
This dream was quite the experience because it all took place in the astral in Egypt but I woke up with definite physical proof on my body. Well in the dream I was met by a pharaoh and we were in Egypt in a pyramid temple And he said that all Egyptian Gods and Goddesses (children of Egypt) were actually Sirians and that it was my turn to become as them, as the family. I remember walking through a hall  and seeing torches and a large snake it felt as though my fearlessness was being tested. Then I was seated in a room after passing the hall of the serpent and fire, he took out a weird tool and drew a line under my eye to represent Horus and the completion of the initiation, he said something I don’t understand though:

He said after this I would be no longer part human but all sirian, fully integrated

It hurt so bad when he drew that line and I bled a little, then I woke up this morning and saw the same thing on my eye! the area where my eye was cut really hurts and I woke up with an actual mark in the same location that the mark of Horus had been carved in to my flesh, also in the dream I was told that Ankhs were going to follow me around as a connection to the celestial family and for protection, funny thing is that my boyfriend had woke and gone to the bathroom and as he did he saw an image of a symmetrically perfect Ankh was imprinted on the bathroom wall, you can feel the outline, we tried scrubbing and everything to try to get it off but it wont come off. (I will edit this post with a pic of it tomorrow)

I was also told that new information would be made available shortly after, below are the pictures of my eye, the cut you see was not created by my cat, my cat that night was in my daughters room and the door was closed the whole night, and I don’t have any nails to do that, (I bite my nails :-\), the cut is in the same area as the one in the dream and it is cut the same way it was drawn in the dream:

King David In Rome
one of the dreams that was very short but quite powerful was the dream of King David and Rome. It was an odd dream because of the way it progressed but, it was still quite interesting. It started out with me boarding a train to England from the USA even though a HUGE ocean separates the two, once in England I was to look for a particular address, I ended up in a pub then the dream shifted and I was in Rome and a man was there, at first I had no clue who he was, but he looked familiar he sort of looked like a Roman soldier but he looked off, as if he was using a Roman disguise, he announced himself as King David after he shook my hand. A lady then was there as well, I don’t quite know who she was, we all sat down, and were talking for a while, I don’t remember much of the conversation but I do remember some. I remember the last thing said was,

“In the Roman empire lies deception and stolen treasures, great power lies in all of us, release your power”.


2 responses to Dreams About King David, Ancient Egypt, Rome And Angels And Demons


    Could you pleas describe David for me? He´s hair, eyes etc? Thanks 🙂



      From my dream what I remember which is not much now he was very tall, with tanned skin and very dark black hair, short, his hair looked to be wavy but only slightly because it was short, his hair looked kinda thick, he had a full face short beard, dark brown eyes, he was muscular.


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