Demystifying Nibiru (The Land *NOT Planet* Of The Crossing)

January 29, 2012 — 2 Comments

The fourth name in the list of Abraham’s progenitors – Eber, has always held great interest to biblical scholars. Many believe that from Eber has stemmed the biblical term Ibri (Hebrew of Brahma) by which Abraham and his family identified themselves possibly as toponyms (names personifying places), Eber could easily translate to Ibri which as established above could easily translate to Brahma or Abraham and as a toponym could also have meant Nippur.

A look at the Sumerian roots of the name provides a simple answer.

Eber stems from the root word meaning “to cross,” The answer then is to be found in the Sumerian language of Abraham and his ancestors. The term Ibri (“Hebrew”) could clearly stem from Eber, the father of Peleg.

The biblical suffix “i” when applied to a person, meant “a native of”. For example Gileadi means a native of Gilead.

Ibri means then, a native of the place of “Crossing”; and that was the Sumerian name for Nippur: NI.IB.RU – the Crossing Place, the place where the pre-Diluvial grids crisscrossed each other, the original Navel of the Earth.

Dropping the “n” in transposing from Sumerian to Akkadian/Hebrew was a frequent occurrence. In stating that Abraham was an Ibri, the Bible simply means that Abraham was a Ni-ib-ri, a son of Nippurian origin!

Votive inscriptions found at Nippur have confirmed that the kings of Ur cherished the title “Pious Shepherd of Nippur” -PA.TE.SI.NI.IB.RU in Sumerian.

The fact that Abram’s family migrated to Haran from Ur has often been taken by scholars to mean that Ur was Abram’s birthplace, but that is not stated anywhere in the Bible.

The command to Abram to go to Canaan and leave for good his past abodes lists three separate entities: his father’s house (which was then in Haran); his land (the city-state of Ur); and his birthplace (which the Bible does not identify).

The etymological evidence that Ibri could mean a native of Nippur could solve the problem of Abram’s true birthplace.

Nippur was never a royal capital, but it was a consecrated city, in fact it was Sumer’s “religious center”. It was also the place where the knowledge of astronomy was entrusted to the high priests and thus the place where the calendar – the relationship between the Sun, and Moon in their orbits – was originated.

It has been long established that our present-day calendars derive from the original Nippurian calendar. All the evidence shows that the Nippurian calendar began @ 4000 BCE, in the age of Taurus.

In this we find another confirmation connecting the Hebrews with Nippur: The Jewish calendar still continues to count the years from an enigmatic beginning in 3760 BCE. It has previously been assumed that this count is from the beginning of the world, but the actual statement by Jewish sages was that this is the number of years that had passed “since counting (of years) began” – meaning, since the introduction of the calendar in Nippur.

(Perhaps this is why since the year 2000 and maybe before that, others have been waiting for Nibiru to appear and photographing lens flairs? maybe because Nibiru is already here in Iraq 🙂


2 responses to Demystifying Nibiru (The Land *NOT Planet* Of The Crossing)


    The Hebrews have ties with the planet Nibiru, which certainly come from the Elohim of Israel.


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