A Simple Talk With Jesus

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

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Today after all I have been through and done I took the time to lay down in the soft grass and connect with mama earth and grandmother moon but I went a little further then that and connected with Jesus! though at first I was thinking I am not worthy enough to connect with such an ascended amazing being because of all I have done, well I was dead wrong because shortly after I felt a gentle tap on my shoulder and God what followed has me so at a loss for words lol but I heard the voice and felt the presence of Jesus Christ! OK as you know I do NOT follow organized religion etc but I can not deny that Jesus was a starseed lol.

Jesus: Dear child what aches your heart?

Me: I just feel like I can not go back, I feel like I really screwed things up this time.

Jesus: Is this the truth or is this your “FEELING’?

Me: Well I think it is true because I feel it so deeply

Jesus: You feel this reality is real because you have been forced to define what real is, but not everything you experience here is what you believe it to be! not what it actually is, for there are many illusions my child in your world and one of those is the illusion that there is evil/bad/negativity in your world. You see there is none of that, there are only different perceptions of reality itself. Pain and suffering are only fleeting moments compared to the eternity of Gods love for you.

Me: Well what about starving families and babies who are tortured?

Jesus: I shall tell you of the tribulations I endured in my time on earth, During my time on earth in that time I was tortured terribly, starved, abused physically and verbally and at first it seemed so unbearable! I wanted father (God) to just take me but as time went by I felt no pain none at all even though I was alive I felt none, Instead my pain was replaced by the pain of being witness to the transgressions of my captors.

Me: I understand now and I can feel the pain you went through I truly can especially now that I am going through many of the things you did as well but this gives me strength.

Jesus: Why does this give you strength my child? do you not have your own strength to take from? did our father not give you everything you need?

Me: Hm, I have always found strength in things outside of myself and I have never thought of it the way you are explaining it to me I really do need to focus on my inner strength, like my Ankh that I wear, one day I lost it and I was literally unable to function for days.

Jesus: And this is why you must re-integrate your inner strength

Jesus: You feel as if you have failed, done something irreversibly wrong…..Good…..Let this feeling sink in for it will teach you many things, things you have forgotten during your descent to this world. You see this moment you are in, this NOW has been foretold even before your birth because you have agreed to forget your divinity and the pain of remembering is no easy trial

Me: I am starting to feel better now very much but one last question am I an angel? what does that mean to be a human angel? are we not all angels?

Jesus: There goes that finding strength outside of yourself again! but I love you and yes you are an angel possibly the most difficult task there is when it comes to those who have agreed to assist in this time of great revelation although all tasks are the same the tribulations of those from the angelic realm is very difficult. You see it is much more difficult for angels to understand duality and the woes of the earth because you have already existed in realities far beyond this and your exposure to such things have long faded away but you have chosen in this now to go through all these things all over again in order to serve fellow children of God.

Like with all the volunteers it is now that you are being born from the cocoon/shedding your skin and when you are close to full integration of your memories and abilities it will become increasingly difficult and much harder for you to fight duality. It is now that many challenges and obstacles will present themselves, especially now! You are all now in the time of great revelations and this means not only great revelations to the world but also to yourselves as divine healers of earth and humanity, it is now that your true humanity will surface in order for you to realize that you have been wearing a mask for so long and must now take it off and reveal your true identity.

This birth of your new true self will come according to your will, if you fight it then this change over to your true self will be difficult and you will face many challenges because this is what you believe. If you accept and understand the changes then you will not have any challenges and nothing but divine wisdom and the sacred integration of self will be the result. I am honored that you have found solace in my teachings and understand the true teachings but please I ask that in this time you begin to find solace in your own teachings and find strength in your own self, I faced many challenges when I incarnated on earth as a starseed myself and these very same challenges are the ones you face as well, let it be known that this is part of the last processes of fully integrating your higher self and re-integrating your true cosmic essence.

do not fear these changes, do not fight these changes, they are here to help you remember.

Me: Wow I cant explain how I feel right now and now I wont say how much strength that gave me *smile* but I thank you so much this has helped me in so many ways I can not describe.

Jesus: You are never alone dear for I/we are here and we only want the best for you as you for your child, your sister, your brother. Love like the creator is infinite and should never be limited.


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