11-11-11 Dream And Strange Call

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

Went to sleep last night after 12 AM and had the coolest dream with spaceships…I forgot about it then just remembered it at 11AM LOL…11-11-11 @ 11 AM :D. In the dream I was on some type of cruise ship with a friend. We heard some rumbling sounds outside, then we could feel? a whirring so we went and looked out of the ships window, we were on the last floor on the top, and we saw what appeared to be spirals forming in the sky. Then a bunch of ships materialized out of these spiral formations in the sky. They were the coolest ships I had ever seen, I can’t explain them at all. I just know they were something that was created by extremely advanced beings.

The ships started doing sky shows, all kinds of awesome maneuvers in the skies and while doing so, beautiful yellow and golden sparking light was showering down on the planet and the ocean. I told my friend, come let’s go we have to go on deck to get a better view! We ran on deck and one of the ships stopped and moved closer to us and hovered there, I couldn’t see inside but I could feel the ones inside could see me, I could feel communication going on but can’t translate in to words, it’s like the information is in the form of feelings.

Eventually the sky show was over and the ships vanished in to thin air, then my friend turned to me and said, They remember, I asked him if he meant the people in the ships and he said no and pointed in the sea, and said: they remember. Then I was awakened by my phone ringing at 5am, I was like OK, who is calling at 5AM? no one ever does that, but I went and got the phone anyway, the caller I.D. said: Education Resource but by the time I went to answer it went to voice mail, I checked the voice mail and there was nothing but static and a faint mumbling or talk I couldn’t understand. I am not saying that’s related but just thought it was strange.


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