~~~*♥*~~~Magick Is Real ~~~*♥*~~~

January 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

It is particularly windy tonight here in Maryland which is funny because last night I and my daughter did a wind manifestation. Just cause we were outside and she was asking about certain spiritual things and I told her, well you know magick is real right? she said it is? I said yep it is, let me show you, then I said lets join hands and we did and I said now close your eyes, and we both did and I said now call upon the God of air, she said who is that? I said well in Greek mythology his name is Aries, then we did and we said, great god Aries grant us your power to move the winds of the Earth and then we said: “so mot it be, it is made manifest” …then this morning she went outside and it was REALLY windy (and has been all day) and she was like :O mommy magick is real!!!

And yes I am aware that Aries is known as the God of War and not air but, for some ODD reason, reasons I cant even fathom, I have always recognized him as the God of air and not war, and it seems to me tonight that I was right 🙂 at least in my truth.


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