The New Energy

January 23, 2012 — Leave a comment

The new energy will bring many familiar prophecies in to fruition including many earth changes as the earth herself prepares for ascension but the changes will be visible throughout the galaxy as well which was the cause  for the spots on Venus, Jupiter and Saturn and even the sun as it sits quietly changing and shifting with the new energies causing a lack of sunspots not seen since 1913. As our universe moves closer to source the energies of higher dimensional beings and realities move and blend together thus making them (the star people) visible to our world on a much larger scale, the veil is thinned and many things become realized, many truths surface both on a personal and global level.

Systems begin to fail and people begin to realize the benefits of working together and a world of harmony parts and splits leaving behind a world that wishes to remain 3rd dimensional and continue on the path of service to self instead of to others. Of course none of these things will be easy, in fact even the awakened ones will see hard times. Like surgery no one wants to have to endure the process but it is crucial to the well being of the planet as a whole, when you begin to recognize that you yourself are the shift in energy then you can better understand the collective shift in conciseness that is taking place!.

Hearts are opening and eyes are seeing for the first time in centuries, people are looking up, looking down and all around and noticing that there is a world outside their own that is ready to be embraced, understood and accepted. This world is the world of father/mother God(dess) because indeed we were designed in the image of father/mother God(dess) and the energy of father/mother God(dess) is within us all, this new energy can manifest physically as well, especially as the energy integrates in to the crown, opening up the mind to divine data. This would feel like pressure and heat in the area of the chakra(s), you might feel as though the top of your head is ripping open but there is no pain, followed by that you will feel a sensation of energy entering the crown which will feel like pressure hitting the top of your head and entering from above. This will feel like it is rushing into your skull and throughout your brain.

Shortly after you should begin to have access to information you had no idea of before, you will begin to have better knowledge of this world/dimension and others, you will begin to have transmissions from intelligences of a distant star system. You will also have knowledge of past incarnations and future ones which is the really exciting part for most, To know what their future holds and that knowledge will give spiritual power to succeed in this life and many others and this is one of the many fascinating things of living a life of oneness with father/mother God(dess) and service to all.


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