Calling In Your Wings

October 22, 2011 — Leave a comment
Hi fellow angels,

I have read a lot of topics about Angelkin/Incarnated Angels and noticed that many of us share the same desire, the desire to regain our wings, though to be honest we don’t really need to regain them as we never lost them, however, knowing we have them and having them are two different things. When we incarnated here on Earth we had to forget our divine nature. In forgetting our past, we let go of a lot including our wings, there are a few things we can do to “Call On Our Wings”, it’s important to do whatever you feel is right.

Calling In Your Wings
Calling in your wings is like calling in the light, if you are a healer you will understand what I am talking about, to call in your wings it’s the same as calling in the universal light, relax, and concentrate on seeing and feeling the universal light flowing in from the universe in through your crown chakra (The Top Of Your Head) and down through your body, feel and see this light encompassing your whole being, from your head to your toes.

When you feel the light tingling from head to toe focus on feeling the heat of this universal light. When you feel the heat begin to feel Gods love, whatever God or higher being you identify with, feel this energy building up within you, all over you, feel it as one with your auric/light body.

Now take this energy and bring it up from your feet and down from your head and focus it in the center of your chest, your chest area, feel the heat, the love, the tingling, the energy, all in this one location and shoot it out through the back of your heart chakra (center of your back). When you shoot it out envision an explosion coming out from your back, specifically where your wings should be/are.

When you see/feel this explosion of light going out of your back, remember what it was like to see and feel your wings, the weight, the feeling of extra limbs, as that’s what our wings are, extra limbs in the physical realm of our angelic kingdoms. Regardless of the fact that our wings in this realm are etheric, envision them as physical anyway, allow this feeling to become you and to BE.

Once you begin to feel the weight between your shoulder blades, and the tingling sensation of the growing wings try to do some wing exercises, try to flap them, to flex them etc. Eventually, you will start to feel them regularly, you might feel some pain as they begin to manifest etherically in our physical world. Though not always. Don’t rush anything though because your wings will manifest when they are ready, and wings always come when it’s the right time.

It is within your power to know when your wings are meant to manifest. This is just a step in manifesting them more easily or quickly but they will still fully manifest in the time they were meant to but this helps you at least begin to feel them.


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