God, Near Death Experience, Dimensions And Parallel Realities

September 18, 2011 — Leave a comment
For a while now I have been feeling differently about my creator and just as long I have been feeling that it really does not matter who I think my creator is because my creator can be anyone really because we all come from the same source, this source is all of us so therefor, for me anyway, it kinda feels like we all created each other. Since all came from that one energy, its like we, ‘this energy’ are replicas of itself/ourselves and so it really matters not who created who because in the end creation is creator. I am thrilled to believe this concept because I feel a strong sense that my creator is male and that goes beyond church conditioning, I feel like he is not at all connected to any Earth religions, concepts or bibles but that religions, concepts and bibles were created to connect us to the divine in some way, like it was a way for man to express what he felt, saw, pondered, just as we here now express our pondering in journals or articles.

God can only be understood by going within, I believe God is pure energy and has no name or form even though I feel a male energy, I believe God himself split in two and there is Goddess as well, hell I am even inclined to believe that God split himself, created male energy and Goddess created female energy, but who knows, its just speculation, which I absolutely love about this dimension, I love that I don’t have it all figured out, I love dreaming and pondering these things, and honestly I hope to never find the truth to everything, because honestly what fun would that be? I was shown a *bit* of the truth back in 2000 when I died and even still it wasn’t THE truth! and I am OK with that.

What I remember the most when I died was me outside of my body watching the doctors trying to bring me back to life and me trying to stop them, I was declared legally dead for 3 minutes. I remember my Sirian guide was there, she was actually chuckling because I was trying to do some poltergeist activity like throw stuff around the emergency room to get the doctors distracted long enough that they wont be able to bring me back, but my guide just smiled and said I would not be able to affect the physical world because it took practice and because it wasn’t my time yet. She said that no matter what I would have to finish this life path because I had agreed to finish at a particular time so I would have to keep my word to keep things in order, so back to my body I went with a great slam. I was upset a little bit when I first came back, I wanted to stay on the other side, it was so peaceful, loving, accepting and light, I remember that most of all, everything was so light, literally everything was not only brighter but it felt lighter too, it was strange to be with out a body and to be pretty much weightless.

I remember feeling dizzy at first, for a few seconds or whatever, not sure how long it was really, time really is screwed up on that side lol, there was no sense of past, present or future. Its hard to explain but it was like being in some place where the concept of time and the break up of it (past, present, future) were never invented. There was no hurry, no clocks anywhere, no past lives or lives period, there was just one giant life that existed as the vastness of everything, it was like I was this life and so was my guide but with our own awareness, but still part of that one life that encompasses the whole of all lives. I hope I am making sense here lol, trying to explain it as best as I can. I remember meeting God but not in the sense that one would think, instead, I met God through my guide, the doctors, me, it was like God was projecting himself through everyone, like we had our awareness as separate fragments of the same soul but we were all just God, so it didn’t matter what God I believed in because every God IS God lol. I always thought that I would worry about my Karmic debt once on the other side, but I had nothing to worry about, allegedly Karma is only carried with you if you incarnate again in physical form. So from one 3D life to the next.

On the “other side” I was free of everything and there was only Gods love. There was no pain, no worry, to hate or judgement or greed or criticism or fear, there was just purity, and unconditional love and acceptance. I also wasn’t aware of my SELF, it was more like I was aware of the SELVES, different aspects of creator that existed everywhere in all places at all times. I was pure consciousness. Consciousness that was felt by all the God selves. I was told when my time is actually up here, I would be able to choose what I want to do in the next life just as I chose what I wanted to do in this life before incarnating, so I would be able to chose if I wanted to incarnate here again, in another 3D existence, stay on the other side or go to a higher dimension. I cant even express what it’s like to come back to life, Everything seems new again like there was a reset button pushed and now you are able to see through new eyes.

Its almost like even my dying temporarily was planned as well!, because it seems I was able to handle my mission and life in general much more easily but, I did put a lot of people through a lot of heart ache, so while I may have had a positive outcome from the whole ordeal, others suffered greatly if even just for a bit. But I came back with a great sense of knowing God as creation and within me. I came back realizing just how in control of everything we really are. I mean everything, from what to do in the next life to what one currently does in this life. Even though on that side there are no past/future/present lives, when I came back to a denser reality I realized it’s exactly the opposite. Here there are so many lives we are living, simultaneously, including parallel lives. This is not to be confused with the higherself (though you can if you want lol) it’s actually your lower self or physical self existing in parallel realities of your current dimension/timeline.

This is an amazing diagram of reality.. It seems to sum it up pretty well.. When in the middle of this reality hypersphere you can see everything around it.. and develop some major understandings and insights.. note heaven is not at the centre.. there is also a beyond heaven dimension..now accessible to ascending humans.. and this is just one reality bubble.. there are many different variants in different vibratory universes..

Its like having a string split in to many threads, the hand holding the string is the higherself/God, while the thick middle part is the SELF (YOU) while the threads are still you but existing in other parallel realities at the same time. Not the best example but you get the point I’m sure lol. I have been pondering, if each self has its own awareness independent of our own? just like we have our own awareness independent of Gods. I also wonder, if one of our parallel selves wishes not to ascend will the rest of us ascend? and if we do ascend do the ascended selves become the higherself of the unascended self? I became extremely interested in parallel selves after coming back to life, I have read up a bit on Einsteins theory of parallel realities, I really like the theory that space time bends and so it goes in a circle creating parallel realities and people.  and since space-time is relative how would ascending affect our other selves if we are beyond space and time? and likewise if space time bends then how can we continue the forward motion without going backwards too? in a video I watched, one of the comments says: “Imagine another world, a whole other universe, with a solar system and a planet like ours, on this parallel Earth there lives is an exact copy of you. You could be leading the same life but in another universe. Now imagine an entirely separate universe where you could be living a slightly different life, at the same time that you live this life”.

Which brings me to believe that the judgement spoken about in the bible does not apply unless God is going to judge each and every other me in each and every parallel universe, some doing the same thing I am doing at this very moment others doing something a bit different, probably posting a counter discussion about the same thing lol! AND probably posting that I am posting about them posting about me lmao! hows that for a brain screw!. And if we have parallel selves, is God too the result of another him in a parallel world? I don’t mean us the soul fragments of God I mean, Could God be in reality just a parallel creation of one of many Gods in one of many space time bending realities? So for example, when people ask if God created man then who created God? Maybe God created God by being God through bending space time. I tell people, this is why there is no beginning and no end, because it all bends and continues making copies of itself.

That’s very interesting. I believe the concept and analogy works… especially your mention of Godhead being beyond this model altogether. The Vedic model is almost identical: There’s GODHEAD (Radha-Krishna), the fountainhead of existence, and an unlimited spiritual sky (light/effulgence/brahman) within which there’s a cloud of primordial matter which is shaped into spheres, each one a universe. Within each universe are levels of realms, some hellish, some earthly, some heavenly. The soul, a conscious spark of Godhead, experiences repeated birth and death of gross & subtle bodies composed of matter whilst in this cloud.

When we dream it is possible that some dreams may actually be that we are actually connecting with our other selves, seeing not past or future lives/timelines but the lives and experiences of our other selves in these parallel realities. For example I sometimes have a dream of going through a house, I knew it as my house yet, I was surprised to see it wasn’t decorated exactly like how I would decorate it. The people there did not seem like people I would interact with yet it was very much familiar. So this is why I feel like God is a very personal experience and not impersonal, I don’t think a bible or someones word or a preacher or a priest can ever show us God, I think God is experienced in the heart as God is love.

I also think that God and Goddess continued to split creating lesser Gods and Goddesses and these Gods and Godesses themselves split as well creating lesser Gods and Godesses still. I believe each set of Gods and Goddesses which were split from their original form continued to lesser and lesser Gods and Goddesses right down to the human race, and perhaps even we too split creating the souls of the animal kingdom and perhaps the animal kingdom themselves also split creating insects and so on or vica versa 🙂 The Goddess has been suppressed a lot though but thankfully we are entering or have entered the time of the Goddess. Time for Gaia to shine her light.

Sometimes it makes my head hurt to think about even the little bit of knowledge I was shown, so I guess that’s another reason why we cant get it all in one go, I fear my head would explode. I am so happy to have been exposed to that unconditional love of God because before my death, I worried so much about judgement on the other side, but, I am happy to know that judgement is a human concept. God/Goddess is love and that is all there IS.

I have also had weird experiences in the physical world, I wonder, if our other selves dream of being in contact with our selves here on this parallel reality? One time I had gone in a store and the woman at the counter looked shocked when I was done with my shopping, she said: “did something happen with the other pair of clothing?” I said excuse me? what pair? she said: “You just came in here not more then 3 minutes ago and bought the exact same thing!,” I was like, um no, I just got off of the highway and just got here, I haven’t been in this store at all today other then right now, she proceeded to explain how she had just seen “me” come in wearing the same outfit right down to the same exact shoes and my hair done the same way and bought the same exact outfit, same size and color, she swore it was me and ended up asking me if I had a twin sister, I said no I don’t.


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