Our Sacrifices

August 20, 2011 — Leave a comment

As starseeds we (usually) have to make certain sacrifices in order to awaken and engage our missions. We loose family, friends, jobs, and even homes in rare cases. Sometimes our entire life is completely transformed. We can go from having a good career, a house, a partner, two kids and a dog to having no one and nothing at all.

Most times we can handle it because at a soul level we already expected it, yet other times we end up lost, damaged, afraid and confused but nevertheless we seem to somehow manage to pull through either by divine guidance or by inner wisdom, or both. Thankfully our sacrifices so far haven’t been as drastic as the sacrifices of our fallen brethren (you know who they are) but we have made sacrifices nonetheless.

Thinking about the sacrifices we have to make however, pales in comparison to the sacrifices that humanity makes as a result of the elite power structure that governs this planet. Thousands loose their homes, jobs, lives, health and freedoms on a daily bases.

Our close friends and family may not understand why or how our lives may suddenly transform in the blink of an eye and they may really not understand why we ourselves seem to just keep going while (most) humans would of completely lost their sanity. the only conclusion I can come to is that we knew before our souls incarnated as a human that these sacrifices were part of our service to this planet.

Sacrifices come in all forms, have you sacrificed any part of your life in order to serve the planet? how have you coped with it? is it still affecting you? why do you feel you had to make this sacrifice and what advice would you give others?
Personally, I have lost quite a few friends and family members and moved out of the state I loved the most and have lost quite a few other things. What keeps me going is knowing that I am serving a greater purpose and that nothing at all in this world ever happens for no reason, I don’t believe in coincidence, I believe everything is preplanned either by me or some higher force before hand. Even the decisions I make now on a daily bases or the things I manifest in my life all are in someway part of my path of service on this planet.

It still affects me to some degree but as I said above, in my heart I know it’s for a reason. I met someone only once who was in prison at the time, he claimed that at first he was angry at God for going to prison he didn’t care if it was his fault or not but eventually he realized even his decision to commit armed robbery was in someway planned because it was in prison that he not only found his path but has helped countless others find theirs as well. I am not condoning crime, not at all, however I am sharing how even something as terrible as going to prison can have a divine purpose.

The sacrifices I have made serve a greater purpose and I believe some of them are actually tools of personal growth for me as well, I believe I have come to this planet to both learn and teach, there is never a teacher with out a student or a student with out a teacher, one requires the presence of the other at all times in order to be either. The sacrifices I make are the lessons I learn. The only thing I can trust and which I always tell others to trust as well is the heart. This planet has so many borders and boundaries, to many chiefs and not enough Indians, everyone want’s to tell everyone else how to live, how to think, how to experience humanness, they spend all their time worrying about the lives of others with out living their own.

Don’t feel bad if you have taken the road less traveled, if you don’t have a high paying job and a 2 story house, or if you have lost your marriage or friends and family, it’s something that might be beyond your control. Many other avatars have also experienced sacrifice, Moses being one of them, he lost his family and was raised by the Pharaoh, this was all divine planning so he could get his people out of Egypt, sure I don’t agree with that exact version of the story but it’s just a metaphor I am using. The point is stay strong, go with your heart, your heart will never ever lie or misguide you, ever, your ego certainly will but not your heart. Do what you can to live and enjoy your human experience but know that there are no set rules when it comes to the human experience.

I had a dream once in which I briefly merged back with the creator/source and in this dream he asked me: So did you surrender?

When I woke up I knew exactly what that meant. Did I constantly resit what was happening or did I surrender to the moment?


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