The Divine Energy

July 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

Today someone asked me what my idea of energy was, well no one has ever asked me that question so at first answering was a built difficult as I never even considered to put it in to words. For me it was always a feeling or better yet a knowing. Something that could not be described. It is without and beyond form. It is beyond human comprehension and by this I mean, most people on this planet haven’t the slightest clue about the reality of energy. The purity of energy and much less the power of it. Sure, they have a grasp on what I call dead energy. The energy used to power your TVs, your Computers and refrigerators, they understand living energy for example, energy from the sun, the energy of the brain and human body, but they don’t understand true energy.

True energy is what I call divine energy. Divine energy is life itself. It is beyond and above dead energy and living energy. It has it’s own awareness and it is the very fabric that makes up our very existence. It sets the rules, it determines everything, it will be the one to decide whether you go along with something or not, it will determine whether you marry someone or not, it will give you life and feed the very soul or it will destroy it. Not many know this but energy (divine energy) is what you tap in to when you decide whether something resonates with you or not, it is what one taps in to when they meet someone for the first time and instantly know if the person has good intentions or not. The field around every living thing is lined with this divine energy.

This divine energy can be accessed anywhere in anyway. You can see an image on the computer and feel it’s energy, this is because the computer is powered by dead energy, this dead energy helps to create the image, the person creating the energy then gives it living energy by creating it, it is the persons creation, the living energy is imprinted with the divine energy of the person through focus. When you from the other side of your computer tap in to the energy of this image, you can feel the divine energy because the divine energy is connected through the grid. All focus is imprinted in divine energy which is connected through the grid, everything is connected to the divine energy.

This is why it is possible to give distance healing, and send or receive energy or even to remote view etc. You can even access ancient knowledge via this divine energy, everything the ancient ancestors did is still imprinted on the planetary grid. Their ancient knowledge is there for the taking but tapping into memories or imprints of this age is a bit more difficult and requires certain steps. But it can certainly be accessed. Everything they did, thought, said, focused on, created exists there still as a wonderful resource of spiritual growth for all. Some know it as the akashic records. Whatever the label one ties to it, really makes no difference.


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