Negativity Clearing & Chakra Work

July 3, 2011 — Leave a comment
Negativity clearing:
Lay down comfortably

while you do this always picture all the negativity rising from your feet all the way up to your chest and hold it there bringing your chest like your trying to show your muscles like a superhero (I know silly lol but trust me it works)

Inhale as deep as possible through your nose

continue to take short inhales without opening your mouth

when you feel ready exhale as slow as possible and continue to exhale until your stomach goes in.

Do the above 3 times and at the last time when finish exhaling say out loud: I expel all negativity.

Chakra work
If you want you can call on your guides or the federation to assist you

It helps to have a chakra map to envision the colors better

When you are ready begin to envision a red rose or light on your abdomen and envision it getting warmer and warmer until you can literally feel the sensation on your physical body.

When you feel this sensation then envision an orange light just above the red one in your stomach area and envision it glowing orange as orange as possible and warming up, warmer and warmer until you an actually feel the heat on your skin when you feel the heat on your skin then envision a snake bursting out of the red light below, picture this snake moving up to the orange chakra and bursting through, envision it moving and swirling in between the two chakras.

Now envision a small sun just below your chest area and above your stomach where the orange chakra sits, envision this sun getting brighter and bigger, brighter and bigger until it is so big and bright it looks like earths sun and is heating up this area with its cosmic rays and envision the rays dancing about on you heating you and warming you with every move. When you feel the heat picture the snake extending and growing larger and stronger and bursting through the sun and swirling and moving and and out of all 3 chakras, from the red to the orange to the yellow.

Now envision a green light between your chest area above the fiery sun, if you want you can envision the earth in this area slowing turning and clearing the space as it turns, feel this area growing warmer and warmer until you feel actual heat and then picture the snake again growing longer and stronger from the red chakra to the or orange chakra then up through the yellow, the green and all the way up to the green chakra in between your chest and picture it bursting through assisting the earth in clearing all the gunk and debris.

Now envision yourself holding a large clear crystal bowl pouring a light blue cool liquid in to your throat area, the area, envision this liquid filling you up, filling up your neck to the brim and cooling you and continue to envision this until you feel that cool sensation when you do, again envision the snake growing even longer and stronger this time swirling about in and out of all the chakras from the red lower chakra, to the orange higher chakra, to the yellow sun chakra, to the higher greener chakra, to the higher blue watery chakra and envision the snake moving inside of your throat consuming all the liquid that was poured and do not let the snake spit out the liquid, envision it long, strong and swirling about all chakras up the blue watery one, envision it expanding with the blue liquid as it moves and swirls through all chakras.

Now envision a purple eye in the middle of your forehead between your eyes and making sure your eyes are closed envision a powerful white light blasting through the 3rd eye with your eyes closed look at the white light as it bursts through your 3rd eye and keep doing this until you feel any sensation in that area physically. Now envision the snake again reaching from the lower red chakra, to the higher inner world chakra, to the yellow sun chakra, up to the higher earth chakra, up to the blue watery chakra, and envision it with out spitting out the liquid burst through the 3rd eye chakra and continue to do this until you feel a sensation there physically, now envision the snake turn to pure energy.

Now envision a huge as big as you can purple flower or ball of light, picture this ball of light pulsating and glowing and continue to envision this until you feel a sensation when you do again picture the snake which has turned to pure energy form still with the liquid moving from the lower red chakra, the the higher inner world orange chakra, to the higher yellow chakra, up to the higher green earth chakra, up to the higher blue water chakra, up to the purple 3rd eye chakra and envision the snake going in through the 3rd eye still with the liquid making the snake, long, strong and thick and picture the snake burst forth through the crown chakra and envision it spit out all the liquid through the crown chakra up as it and the purple ball of light explode becoming nothing but a pillar of pure white light.

Awaken to the frequency of Christ consciousness within the breath of the God within you


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