Rising Of Atlantean Consciousness

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The rise of Lemuira and Atlantis have been talked about by both old and new seerers and prophets, Edgar Cayce spoke of the rising of Atlantis in 1968 or 69. Many believe the continent will physically rise and while that may be possible, I would like to offer an alternative view, a more metaphorical perspective. If you notice the hippie movement began in the 1960s, however in 1969 something interesting happened:

400,000 young people materialized for three dizzying days to listen to rock and blues music, to wear funny clothing or no clothes at all, to talk, sing, dance, clap hands, to drink beer or smoke pot and make love-but mostly to marvel again and again that they were all there together.

Here is an interesting quote from a blog that prompted this alternative view of Cayces prophecy, note the parts in color:

So just to summarize. We have a wonderful song that appears to have together come via some wonderful synchronicities regarding the band’s name change and their subsequent hit “Aquarius” recorded 4 years later, due to a chance invite to watch the stage show Hair, after one of their band members lost his wallet, only to be found later by the producer of Hair who went on to invite the band to watch his play, which in turn featured a version of the song. Was the song really intended for the times we’re now living in, some 40 years later? Although it was recorded back in 1969 the Flower Power era that followed definitely marked a huge shift in people’s consciousness, even if briefly. Was this time symbolic in showing us what we could achieve if we really worked towards peace from a heart centered way. Was this highlighting that the Light Workers were now here and more would follow. Maybe it was pivotal in someway to show that the potential existed to start ushering a new time of peace. Sometimes the Great-Spirit has a way of temporally dangling a huge carrot and stick in front of us to ensure we start working towards our goals. Anyhow I will let you ponder your own thoughts on the subject.: http://lightworkers.org/wisdom/ian-jones/72190/the-fifth-dimension-age-aquarius-1969

Was Edgar Cacyces prophecy in fact correct? did he mean that it would metaphorically rise? it could be possible that what Edgar Cacye actually meant was that in the years to follow there would be a major shift in consciousness and that after that, our collective consciousness would continue to rise to a point where it would be like that of the civilization of Atlantis, possibly to peak in 2012? I know many are awaiting a grand appearance by the once beautiful and powerful Atlantean continent, but as a human being, I personally hope that it is just a metaphor for a shift in consciousness, imagine if you will a whole continent rising from the sea the size of Africa, millions will die and that is along the east coast alone, imagine the 10.0+ earthquakes and mega tsunamis that will result from the rising of Atlantis, is this what many are looking forward to?

I personally believe that my theory is correct, however that is my own truth and not at all THE truth. I think that this is what cayce meant and there is proof of it everywhere you look these days, people are taking their freedom back, stepping up to the tyrants of the world and having their voices heard, many of our fellow human brothers and sisters believe in extraterrestrial life, and that the government has been hiding information about UFOs and alien life, country after country are releasing UFO files to the public, people are sharing their experiences with multidimensional beings, including the first lady of Japan who said this “I’ve been to Venus and it’s beautiful” she went to Venus!, the NSA and the FBI have finally released UFO files as well.

It feels like momentum is building and it is, as in the days of Noah, I like to say, and I don’t at all think of it as a dire warning, I see it as a positive affirmation, Many will not realize that the emergence of the 5th world is upon them, in my opinion meaning that it will be smooth and humanity will move easily from the world of greed, power and corruption, to one of unity, love and abundance. In fact there is proof already that the shift has begun and continues to accelerate.

Scientific Proof that Galactic Energies Have Triggered Worldwide Consciousness Expansion

Strange emissions by the sun are suddenly mutating matter on Earth

Evidence suggests that even our ancient ancestors knew that a time would come in which our consciousness would not only begin to transform but so would our physical being, our ‘DNA‘ which is linked of course with our consciousness through frequency, here is a short excerpt of an overview of a book called: The Mayan Prophecies:

The authors demonstrate how the Mayan Holy Number 1,366,560 days, known as the birth of Venus and the basis of their calendar, indicates ancient knowledge of sun spot cycles and their effect on the human race. They explore the popular myth of Quetzalcoatl and its origins in Maya ideas concerning the sun cycle. http://www.knowledge.co.uk/xxx/cat/mayan/

On another note and possibly way off topic:

According to my investigations, the Tzek’eb Calendar began on March 21 of the year 3373 BCE, when our Mayan ancestors saw the great sun of the solar system of Maia above the horizon of our sun. It is worth noting that in the Mayan tradition, our Father Sun had seven brothers; together we all form a single great cosmic family. Since the Pleiades are composed of seven principal stars, or suns, the Mayans deduced that each of these suns deposited its energetic power in us when we human beings were formed, meaning that we in fact possess the power of these suns. We each have these seven powers of our solar family within our bodies. In fact, all manifestations of life include this seven energy. – http://store.innertraditions.com/isbn/978-1-59143-105-3?id=3708&displayZoom=0&selectedTextTypeKeynames=23

Alcyone (center)
1. Merope
2. Maia
3. Electra
4. Taygeta
5. Celaeno
6. Atlas
7. Our Solar System

The Chakra System:
First Chakra (Muladhara)
Second Chakra (Svadhisthana)
Third Chakra (Manipura)
Fourth Chakra (Anahata)
Fifth Chakra (Vishudda)
Sixth Chakra (Ajna)
Seventh Chakra
(Sahasrara Chakra)

I just found the above interesting and had to include it. Obviously we are very connected to our sun and other stars and everything around us, including past and present, since time is illusion we can say we never lost our atlantean consciousness, rather it was suppressed for some time and that time has begun to crumble many years ago and is soon to come to an end, it’ has been prophesied. It’s not about learning anything, it’s about remembering everything.


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