The Angelic Journey

March 30, 2011 — Leave a comment
Beloved cosmic hearts!

I wanted to write this today because I felt this nagging within me, this post will seem very fantastical but it is my way of helping you remember, to unlock and decode those still dormant memories. I hope you can all benefit from it and as always be discerning of everything you read, look for resonance in any and all messages always. For your heart is the true bearer of light and truth.

Long ago you made a vow, a vow to bring forth the light of Christ consciousness to the world, today many things appear to stand in your way, but they only “appear” to stand in your way, we in reality never left our angelic nature, our realms, we carry it as frequency in our DNA, in every cell there you shall find the knowledge that was dormant in the past, this information activated and here you are now, remembering your angelic blueprint. In a world of light you were created, a pair, particles of pure divine white light, each set of particles splitting off in to soul groups, singing, dancing and praising creation with your vibration.

One particle became many, in different angelic realms through out the heavens, slowing our vibratory rate, slowly, until our light bodies formed, We adapted to this realm by growing great wings that could touch the sky and raise us up back to our heaven but we always remembered our duty within the angelic kingdom and returned, we lived in lands of eternally cascading water falls, many beautiful bright suns and rose colored skies, lush green trees, moss and eternal peace. With our love we touched the lower dimensions within our respective star systems, carefully whispering divine love in to their hearts, nurturing them and protecting them, we always served.

One day we heard the call, one day we answered, our vibrations increased again to combine our lights to show us the way, then we split yet again, journeying to even lower dimensions, slowing our vibrations again, lower, lower, and lower, until we reached the 3rd dimension, Many of us incarnated in to the lower dimensions of our own star systems, many of us ventured immediately to new alien worlds, we made a promise to bring the essence of our angelic energy to all the lower dimensions and the planets within them. Our first stop was not Gaia, our mission was not just Gaia but all the places which we touched along our journey to Gaia. We have been to many star systems and many planets, many universes.

With each lower dimension our wings became more and more energetic in nature, they looked like plasma, we left our Earths for a new Earth, to restore her beauty to the likeness of our own worlds, as above so below, but first we have to restore balance, and so here we are, when we combined our lights to show us the way, we swore to find each other again once on Gaia, after the great forgetting came the great remembering and so our hearts put out a call of their own, many obstacles “appeared” to stand in our way, but we found one another again, and the gathering has begun.

There is a story. The little light asks god: “Who am I?” And god answers: “You are you!” But the little light is not satisfied. It wants to know: “What does it feel like to be me?” God answers: “Go ask the others.” “But we are all the same. There are no differences! Everyone is as bright as me”, the little light says. Then god says in return: “Ask someone to help you.” The little light turns to one of the other countless little lights and says: ” Can you help me, I want to know who I am.” The other one says: “Yes, but this will be unpleasant. You will have to forgive me, for what I will have done to you.” “I will forgive you, of course I will!”, says the little light. “But you won’t remember that it’s me”….. —-*big bang*—

I found this comment on a very disturbing article I was reading over at AC but wow, this comment is spot on with what I was trying to convey in the story as well, and found it so fitting 🙂


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