The Angelic Starseed Essence

March 26, 2011 — Leave a comment
The angelic starseeds come from higher dimensions within their respective star systems. They are essentially, particles of light, as we all are, who have taken form of an angelic being. (We are not different from humans other then we have spent more time in the angelic kingdom then on Earth, the original human is angelic in nature) No matter in which dimension we currently reside in however, no one is perfect, for it is our humanness and our ability to make mistakes which makes us perfect, it is the spiritual growth which results from these mistakes that makes us perfectly aligned with the wholeness of our creator (The source).

The angelic starseeds who commit to universal service then begin the process of descension. The separation from source so suddenly can be quite traumatic. This however equates to a more empathic nature. The sudden separation of source also serves as means to return to the source. The angelic starseeds will however always feel connected to the central core, the galactic central sun which is connected to our solar chakra also known as the solar plexus and thus our souls via the silver cord.

Each single star system has an angelic realm, which is connected via the central sun to every other star system and angelic realm. There are countless numbers of angelic beings in each of these angelic realms. Some have incarnated on earth after incarnating to lower dimensions in their own star systems eventually incarnating in the 3rd density and experiencing the great forgetting. For example: My first incarnation was pleiadien then sirian then I think one or two planets in the milky way and then Earth. Eventually the angelic starseeds raise their vibrations to such a level that they then experience the great remembering.

After some time adjusting to their new awareness and memories, the angelic starseeds begin to feel their wings springing forth, the wings are not physical wings as you would see angels wearing on television, the wings of angelic starseeds are energetic in nature as the density of this dimension is not able to sustain the full manifestation of them. When the energetic wings of an angelic starseed begin to re-emerge the angelic starseed usually experiences a burning sensation or a dull ache on the upper portion of their backs, between the shoulder blades followed by a sort of heaviness or feeling like something is there or being carried.

I don’t know if it is just me but the movies got this part right, we angels love heights, since I was small I wanted to be on roof tops, the higher the better. I have met others who are like this as well, so I am assuming it is a trait of ours. But why? did we live in trees in our heavens? I assume it’s because we like to fly lol. Anyways back on topic, Like every human being, each angelic was created from the essence of a particular angelic soul group, I myself came from Archangel Michael soul group/essence which is of the blue ray. Some come from Gabriel or Uriel etc. Each group holds a different mission on earth, Some are lightworkers others are light warriors like the Michael soul group, others are nature workers and others are entirely different.

If your here in this group, reading this message, most likely, there is something that calls out to you, a distant memory, a slight knowing, a questioning…Are those wings you feel? have you dreamed of beautiful heavenly landscapes where you fly through the sky as if you were the wind itself? do you feel a tug at your heart when you watch eagles soar? Do you feel you KNOW what the bible REALLY says? for those that know no explanation is necessary for those that don’t know no explanation is possible. For those of us who were created long ago before the birthing of the lower dimensions of our worlds it is wise to remember that we are servants not masters.

Most of the angelic have arrived on Earth to prepare mankind for the rapture, the rapture in the bible is actually when we as a whole human civilization re-unite with our universal consciousness and leave this realm of forgetfulness… in the bible the rapture speaks of people being taken who are worthy by Christ, well, if you think about it, those who are worthy are those who have decided to accept the global awakening and are raptured up in essence back to their divine selves through Christ consciousness.

The book of revelations (the book of discovering what has been hidden) also speaks of the opening of the 7 seals before then as well. 7 seals = 7 chakras. And it says about Christ the “(Sun)” returning in this time which translates to our solar chakra (Soul) re-aligning with the central sun – our reuniting with the Christ consciousness or rather, the galactic core – our move back to the source of our divine nature. This is done through love in action, healing, and honoring our angelic vibrations so that it may reverberate out to all who cross our paths so that we may touch their lives with light frequency.


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