Our Angelic Soul Group And Purpose

March 26, 2011 — Leave a comment
Since I was little I have had encounters with other angels, mainly Archangel Michael, I talk to him to this day and even have his sword, I bought his sword a long time ago from a medieval weaponry collection site, it is a beautiful sword that was infused with his essence. I don’t really know what prompted me to buy this sword but I know it has brought me closer to my soul group, After purchasing the sword I found that my soul group began to emerge, people who had been created from the same essence began coming in to my life.

Now I know some of us are from different angelic soul groups but I believe we are all on the same frequency, I know we have different missions and plans but I believe that each angelic soul group offers something the other angelic soul group may be lacking. For example: Archangel Michael is prince of the seraphim, we are light warriors and protectors. We stand for truth at all times no matter the consequences, other angelic soul groups are good healers or light workers. All angelic soul groups help one another in this way.

How to find your soul group:Soul groups are not hard to find, you just have to go within and see what rings true to you. Are you someone that is close to Archangel Michael and the blue ray? or Archangel Gabriel, Uriel, Zariel? it is really about which archangel group you connect with. Meditate on this and figure out what you feel, below I provide a list of many of the “known” archangels, but there are beyond billions of unknown archangels. The first answer is always correct, that’s a good rule to go by.

Beloved sisters and brothers, do not however feel saddened if you are unable to connect with your angelic soul group, that is not what matters and will come in time, what matters now is that you KNOW who and what you are and you can proceed with your mission, but what is the mission of an angelic being? each mission is different, whatever feels right to you is what is right to you dear friends. Your nature will guide you, will bring you in to the essence of your being, let love guide your actions brothers and sisters, stand strong in your faith and your beliefs and even when it seems as if you are losing faith remember that you are the bringers of light upon the earth.

Do not doubt your presence because the bible itself speaks of it:
Hebrews 13:2 Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.

You are a great service to this planet, your desire to incarnate as human has in itself increased the vibration of this planet. Your essence, your energy, YOU, have come to BE, your love and your dedication has not gone unnoticed, there are many stories about us, from being nephilim to being demons or fallen angels, all of them of course were twisted to serve an agenda, what these stories depict is our coming to earth several times to try to assist humanity and for the first time it is possible, the consciousness of humanity has raised exponentially and we are in an unprecedented time in the Earths history to enact our missions, never has there been a greater opportunity to ascend humanity. Thanks to the creator of all things we are in a time in which our missions are so much more easier then they have ever been, stand strong brothers and sisters, we can do this if we unite in heart and soul.

It is time to remember our nature, to come together, to bring in the universal source of love, let us blanket the planet with our love. We can start through the heart, let love guide you and light become you because you ARE light, by our very presence, we guide those who are lost, those who have no voice and those who hear only lies and are deaf to the truth, the truth in their own hearts. Our direct connection to the voice of the source allows us to recognize the purpose of our path, all beings can hear the voice of the source but not all recognize it as such, and that is the purpose of our path, to help humanity remember and reconnect that part of themselves, but we ourselves must listen to it, are you listening?

Different Archangels:


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