Ascended Masters & Awakening To Our God-Self

March 23, 2011 — 2 Comments

These past two days I have contacted often by Quan Yin again, it seems and I found this out through meditation, that she suggests there should be more focus on bringing in the divine feminine on Gaia so she too can awaken her own, (Gaia’s) own divine feminine spirit once more which has been suppressed, well it’s one of the reasons.

I have been talking to angels and ascended masters for a very long time and I have constant communications with them, they have taught me so much about life and humanity in general and have told me themselves that I am a Starseed, Starseeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions, we have come to earth to help and serve others as well as the planet herself.

After that message from the ascended masters I began to help as many people as I possibly could I have found that I find joy in helping humanity achieve a better understanding of the world around them, we are in very dark times these days and there are many souls seeking answers to everything that is going on around them. The times we are living in can be very confusing but it’s all another path designed to help us reach ascension and spiritual awareness and connect to other worlds and entities but the key is unconditional love, love is the key in reaching the evolutionary process.

This process is going on all over the multiverse it is an infinite and beautiful re-integration of Christ consciousness in our hearts. It allows us to see just how beautiful the human soul really is when connected to this aspect of ourselves.

Life is a cycle and when we learn what we are meant to learn in this life we will move on to a more advanced state of existence and then we will begin the learning process all over again, as we transcend into the 4th and 5th dimensions also known as The Age Of Aquarius.

The time has come for us to truly understand the soul and its journey through life past and present, everything that is occurring and has occurred is an interconnected series of events to guide us to stop second guessing our intuition and learn to listen to our hearts, the truth in our hearts, the truth that truth only comes from within. We are moving, along with the great spirit, through a massive collective awakening to our God-self.

It is not only time for us individually to change your lives but it is time to make inner changes as well, the most important change of all. This plays out in a variety of ways, physical changes, emotional changes, spiritual changes, even our higherself goes through changes as it integrates further in to it’s physical vessel.

We are not in this process alone, we have mentors in high places! we are guided not only by angels and off world humans (as many of them are indeed humanoid) but also by ascended masters who have gone through this thousands of times before, come back to share the message and then proceeded to continue guiding us from the heavenly realms after they ascended yet again. Many of these beautiful beings help us in all aspect of our lives however, some of us work closely with some more then others. Some we recognize and some we don’t.

Since I was little it was obvious that I close to Archangel Michael and Uriel and Sananda, most recently though I have discovered that all along I have had a connection with El Moyra as well, it was brought to my attention through a friend that I may have a connection with El Moyra based on some connections and experiences I have had throughout my life. That realization caused me to contemplate my experiences, actions and connections growing up. Much to my surprise! I noticed just last night that all my life I have been random doing weird hand gestures that one understood, it wasn’t until last night that it hit me! this is the same symbolic hand gesture seen in pictures and statues of Quan Yin!

I would not have remembered at all had it not been for the chat with my friend and a series of recent synchronicity involving Quan Yin, first, I was laying on my bed, just thinking random things and then I had the urge to ask the source what our purpose was, us starseeds (I know why we are here but, I just wanted to hear it from God the source) well shortly before I fell asleep I felt like a shock, like a buzz of electrical energy, and off I was to sleep.

When I went to sleep, I was in this place again that I always see in visions, with the white pillars, I believe now that this place with the pillars is the Sirius Temples. There was a board there or a committee or perhaps a council. They were all dressed in white pants and dress shirt, everything was white and one woman I remember the most, who stood out to me was an Asian women, with black hair pushed back in a bun.

She was writing stuff down as we spoke and she told me this:

Your purpose is whatever you make it, We did not send you, you sent yourself. therefor your purpose is according to what you feel necessary, however, we would like to see Earth transformed in a way that no one expects. Remove the limitations and freedom will follow.

That was the most recent dream, I had a previous dream involving this same woman but much earlier in the year:

In this dream I was out in a beautiful, beautiful setting, mountain or a hill not sure, with birds singing and chirping, the sky was beautifully blue, and I could feel the soft breeze. Just then as I felt the urge to look up I saw a rainbow form and upon it were all the ascended masters with a spot between El Morya (the one described to my by my friend above) and Quan Yin, they asked me to sit with them on the rainbow, but I declined because I said I was not worthy, they told me we are all worthy, ascending and becoming masters but that it was OK they understood I wasn’t quite ready.

Keep in mind I had no idea who these people in this dream were, I just though it was a dream with people asking me to sit on a rainbow! which left me questioning why I would feel unworthy to sit on a rainbow, but now that it has been clarified for me, I understand the the feeling of unworthiness much more. We are made throughout our lives by various institutions to believe we are lowly creatures which is of course and out right lie, but the conditioning is there at times nonetheless.

Now more then ever these beings of light and love are extending their hands to us in an effort to assist us in the transition to the re-integration of our God-self, a part of us that has always been a very real part of us but that we have caused to lay dormant in order to experience the totality of the human experience, love in all it’s forms, the physical expression of cosmic energy. The good, the bad, the ugly, everything we experience is us experiencing ourselves through different vibrations. We are pure loving-light energy in the form of matter, Soul fragments of the source, Many are remembering this grand truth in these days and many will shine like the stars that they all are, we all are! still many will continue to fight against the growth process, some are in fear and do no understand what is going on, not even those who proclaim to hold the truth, this is why we starseeds and lightworkers must stand in our power and live our experiences, our experiences are to be shared with the world, our encounters with christed extraterrestrials, ascended masters, the angelic kingdom etc should be shared freely, even if no one listens, rest assured someone out there has gotten the message, and the message is that there is more to life and the human experience then what many believe or understand and it’s Ok to experience it in all its glory.

How To Connect With Ascended Masters – I am pretty sure there is a much better guide out there but this is just what opened my awareness of Ascended Masters and my ability to work with them further:

  •  Pay attention to dreams, dreams contrary to popular belief are not just dreams and are often symbolic in the way that ascended masters, ETs and angels communicate with us. 
  • Practice dream communication. As stated above, I laid down on my bed and asked source a question about the purpose of starseeds, shortly after I fell asleep and received a clear reply through dreams. This is not the first time this has happened to me, once I was turning in for the night and I was seriously vibing and ever so thankful of everything I have in my life and being given a second chance, I went to sleep nearly in tears and thanking the source over and over again for everything I have been given, I feel asleep saying I love you to the source and in the dream, I woke up and walked outside to my balcony, there I stood and watched as the sky literally rolled up like a scroll and I could see all the planets, stars, and UFOs and suddenly, it was like I got tunnel vision, and I saw beautiful pink hearts begin to form in the sky! This to me meant the source heard me and spoke back to me through dreams and said I love you back. As you can see dream communication is very real and provides amazing clear results. It works for anything, you just have to approach it with an open heart and a positive mindset. It’s not complicated either, just do what you do normally when you go to bed and ask whatever you want, the best results come about when you ask something that sincere and not for personal gain.
  • Keep a dream journal!, no matter what you have to do, do it! record your dreams on paper, audio, video etc, whatever you have to do, because you never know when something might pop up or when you might have that Aha! moment by going back through your notes.
  • Talk to people, you never know who might be able to relate to with your experience and share helpful information, don’t be afraid to voice your experiences, we all have them, it’s a normal part of being a spiritual being.
  • Listen to your heart! no one knows truth like ones own heart.
  • A good thing to make note of in your dream journal are the types of connections you have with things, people or animals in your life, do you have a connection with the color blue, dolphins, cats or a certain country? sometimes we have a certain connection to something because it reminds us of a past life or because we are being guided by higher intelligences who want to let us know they’re there.
  • Live the energy and vibration of who you really are!, SEE what you want to see by focusing on being that which you wish to experience. – “You cannot experience what you are not the vibration of” -Bashar
  • Lastly don’t stress about it,  the answers to everything will come when they are needed and are supposed to  not a minute later or before.

Be love for you are loved, and in us dwells the power to transcend reality, not by violence or fear but through creative expression.


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    Thank you so much for this! As soon as I came upon this post, I saw 4:44, and thanked my angels, Archangels & Ascended Masters for this gift. Much of what you wrote resonates with me. I finally felt like I found a physical being whom I can deeply relate to. Thank you for inspiring me to complete the rest of my posts that have been sitting as drafts for a while now. Thank you for sharing your beautiful personal experiences, words of wisdom, encouragement, guidance and unconditional love. You made my day!!! ^_^ Bless you, and have a great weekend amazing Starseed. 😉


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