Your Divinity

June 17, 2010 — Leave a comment

Never forget where TRUE POWER comes from, YOU, when you begin to give your power away to the creation of another persons reality you loose the will power to create your own, remember your own divinity and the God presence within you, listen to your own soul and know that you are infinite, empowerment DOES NOT come from gathering knowledge on the internet written and gathered by someone else who has lost the ability to create their reality because they to gave it away to yet another person, this is the true problem with the world today, you see it is not the wars we fight or the conspiracies we come across or the lack of understanding the natural world that is the problem with the world it is the fact that we have lost all sense of SELF.  WE have conditioned ourselves to to allow ourselves to be conditioned by outside forces.

We have forgotten that no matter what everything is going to be just fine and everything else my friend is a distraction, because this reality is not real it is an illusion whatever happens here is only a virtual hologram by our own doing. WE have created this virtual matrix and by our very focus we turn it in to either a nightmare or a dream, everyone believes that the purpose of us being here is to uncover every covert attempt and to shake rattle and role with our discoveries but it is not, that is not why we are here, we are here to exude the frequency of love, fear is loosing it’s grip you see and because of this it is trying very hard to hang on to that little strand of beingness, slowly it is becoming non existent, we believe that all these sources have more power then we do, we believe this because we know deep inside that this is the only way that we can make sense of the world, for so long our only form of peace was through chaos, our ego has been accustomed to being in control for so long, that now that it is slipping, we are in total disarray and indeed it seems as if Armageddon itself is occurring.

No religion is more powerful then your creation not the new age one, not Christianity or Catholicism, not Islam, none of them because all were created to keep you focused on externalization and thus again give away your power to the creation of someone Else’s reality, we believe that we can never measure up to angels or God or advanced beings when in fact we hold the same if not more power, can anyone actually look in the mirror and say: I am powerful, I Am God, I Am That I Am? sadly most can not because the soul has forgotten it’s own purpose, the soul has forgotten to shine, it has forgotten that it CAN shine because it has been darkened, it has lacked the proper information to be able to truly see REALity, this of course was done on purpose, why? because one can not exist with out the other but as you know it can’t rain all the time and we must, we MUST, remember that there is ALWAYS a balance!, darkness can NOT by universal law continue forever and so it is time for the light, it is time for the soul to remember, it is time for us, for YOU, to take your place in the universal magic that is the grand re-awakening of your spirit, it is time for YOUR spirit to acknowledge how incredibly powerful and divine you are, how with a very simple thought you can stop a hurricane, you can call for rain, you can even heal the dying but you can not do this until YOU TAKE YOUR POWER BACK, UNTIL YOU REALIZE THAT YOUR REALITY IS CREATED THROUGH YOUR OWN DIVINITY.


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