Embrace The Kingdom Of God Within

June 8, 2010 — Leave a comment

Since the dawn of time mankind has searched for answers, has searched for eternal peace and for a sanctuary that has been right in front of them all along but of course this reality is something that is unbelievable to many. Yes the simple thought that paradise could be right there waiting for someone to acknowledge it is beyond most human comprehension. War, poverty, violence, crime, disease, death, all this can be solved by one simple thought.

How can this be? simple that is the way I like to put it…once man stops thinking that Eden, paradise, heaven etc is else where is when this paradise will manifest in to the reality of all who believe…we have known all along that heaven is not some far off distant reality after death. It is here, it is now and it is waiting.
Waiting for you to accept it in to your heart and this is where the Christ consciousness comes in to play. Happiness lies in your own hands…accepting Christ in to your heart is accepting the Christ energy into ones lives. Heaven is a personal reality and proof of this is prominent in the bible…most notably the text which reads: The Kingdom Of God IS Within Man.

Of course when this is brought up to different people all come up with the question of OK say this is true and heaven is a personal reality what then comes of death? why are we wasting our time here being good? should we not then do as we please and act out all our sickest fantasies? The choice of course is your own to make, however it is important to note that you and everything you see, taste, touch and smell is energy and energy as we know is indestructible and life as we know it is a cycle so therefor energy always returns to it source of creation.

Also we know that thoughts are energy so when you think of something that thought transfers in to an energy that you create that becomes reality and is sent out in to the universe and ultimately returns to its source YOU, for energy is an indestructible cycle. so lets say for example your only desire in this world is to get ahead no matter who you step on and how many lives you ruin be prepared to eventually experience your own creation, likewise if you focus on love and enjoying life and helping others also experience the essence of positive living and thinking you will too continue to prosper and again you will experience your own creation. Man was created in the image of God and what is God? the creator, think about it..it’s not rocket science! we were created by the creator to be creators ourselves…creators of our own reality.

The Forgotten Divinity
So if heaven (The kingdom of our father/mother God[dess]) lies within man why then is there so much violence? how can say a woman who is nothing but faithful to God and loving and peaceful to all then be murdered in cold blood? this is where past lives come in and yes past lives affect this life very much because as mentioned above energy is a cycle which eventually returns to it’s original source. Born in sin perhaps?

Whatever you have not dealt with in a previous life will continue in to your next life, if you have not forgiven your attacker or the attacker of a loved one in a previous life this energy will carry on and also if you are the attacker in your previous life in this life so shall you be attacked. Realizing how much your own thoughts play a part in your existence is very important in obtaining heaven because indeed the kingdom of father/mother God(dess) is within man and likewise hell is personal as well. Hell is within you because only YOU have the power to go to hell and what is hell? hell is starting over, having to climb up the evolutionary ladder all over again and not being able to experience the kingdom of God(dess) however what you experience as stated is entirely up to YOU.

Man has forgotten these simple universal laws however and this forgotten divinity has lead to much of the worlds turmoil from world wars to the threat of nuclear annihilation BUT this can be changed simply by being an example for those who have forgotten. Be the change you wish to see in the world as stated by Mahatma Gandhi, help the world remember that they are their own saviors. There is no need to wait for an outside source to save us we are the ones we have been waiting for, what a great sensation it is to regain divinity, share this with the world, reconnect spirit! for we are all one…one creative physical manifestation of the prime source and we CAN change the world, our spirit knows this, our spirit remembers this, listen and hear the call of your higher self for you are your own guardian angel….That is how peace is achieved through you and when you achieve this peace it will spread like a virus to others who will then spread their peace and so on…see the big picture? Enjoy Heaven.

Our Father Suns Rays Strong, Powerful And Beautiful


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