Ascension And The Future

February 11, 2010 — Leave a comment
Those that seek ascension are starting to vibrate at a VERY high frequency you are a very beautiful soul and never forget that and never doubt your own souls beauty and power, the law of the universe is a lot less complicated than you may think it does not take much for you to reach ascension or a higher vibration, your ascension is your own and no one can tell you how to reach it or at what level. Ascension is spiritual awareness and the more you understand it the higher your soul vibrates, this is a sort of death a death from the old ways of being and thinking it is becoming one with the universal cosmic consciousness it is death and rebirth, the death of the manipulated mind and the rebirth of universal awareness.

A lot of people these days are in constant fear of what the future may bring, and this is quite understandable due to the recent horrific events of this planet, times like these can and do bring about severe depression and personality changes often times people split there personalities and become someone else in order to escape the reality of what the world has become and what it is about to become, every one knows it, everyone can feel it, the dark and negative energy that engulfs this planet but as the familiar saying goes “it is the calm before the storm”, it will get far worse before it gets better.

We are in rough times right now and humanity is feeling the effects of the war that is currently taking place, forces are fighting for the well being of the world and the universe, you are not alone in these times of change and darkness…but rest assured that this darkness has a purpose because as I have said before the soul can not evolve with just one polarity and this change has been long awaited…many have suffered at the hands of secret societies and other dark forces of the universe…so many unsolved murders and missing children and human beings…this soon will end.
Keep faith in the ancient ones of the stars for they are your creators and will not lead you astray but most importantly in YOURSELF, you are a magnificent creation and you should act as so and you should delve deep within for you have unlimited strength…this strength is available to everyone who believes in themselves, you can do amazing things and the time to reach into your soul is now! don’t let anyone tell you otherwise, believe in your beliefs and believe in your ability to succeed.

You must accept that there are two sides to the soul, both light and dark however you must remember that there must be balance…if you stray to much to either side the soul will be lost and will never achieve the proper and rightful ascension it was meant to…I do realize however that in these times it is easy to stray to much to the dark side, it is easy to become angry with the Gods, the government, society etc…however everything that is taking place is part of a plan, the plan of ascension…for example when you play what you call video games would you want a game that can be beat in less than an hour or would you prefer a challenge that would eventually climax to the reward of beating the video game and obtaining its rewards such as unlocking secret characters and codes?…exactly…we all want a challenge with out a challenge there is no need or desire to reach the climax of ascension.

So when you see these times unfolding before you do not panic and remember this article…there is strength within you and you were created to withstand almost anything…research your creation, question everything and believe only in what you feel is right because there are those who will try and lead you astray and directly into peril…believe that you are beautiful and that you are connected to a wonderful plan that will have incredible benefits and rewards beyond your imagination if you follow YOURSELF and listen to your guides who are trying to lead you towards ascension…and I can not stress this enough beware the dark forces of the earth and those who portray themselves as your “Saviors” or those who try to convince you at all costs of THEY’RE reality.


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