Spiritual Experiences: What Just Happened?

February 3, 2010 — Leave a comment
You Wake Up and Suddenly Your Someone Else 

Today it is hard to think of anything else other then being able to make the house or car payments, the state of the economy, terrorism, foreign test missiles and natural disasters however for a few fellow humans life has other plans. Most who experience this sudden jolt in reality are your average everyday Americans living a normal all American life, paying bills, taking care of a family, going to work and so on but in the process of all this average technology driven life something happens something so small that it goes undetected by everyone but the receptor but large enough to be noticed by the receptor themselves.

I myself see the irony of my choice of words in this article, I chose to refer to the person having the spiritual experience as the receptor, the receptor is physical while the experience is something mystical and spiritual, something recognizable to the soul/spirit yet mostly underestimated in a physical sense yet it is very real and very physical especially when you take in to account the description of receptor in wikipedia:

“In biochemistry, a receptor is a protein molecule, embedded in either the plasma membrane or the cytoplasm of a cell, to which one or more specific kinds of signaling molecules may attach. A molecule which binds (attaches) to a receptor is called a ligand, and may be a peptide (short protein) or other small molecule, such as a neurotransmitter, a hormone, a pharmaceutical drug, or a toxin. Each kind of receptor can bind only certain ligand shapes. Each cell typically has many receptors, of many different kinds. When such binding occurs, the receptor undergoes a conformational change (a change in the three-dimensional shape of the receptor protein, without changing its sequence), which ordinarily initiates some sort of cellular response. However, some ligands (e.g. antagonists) merely block receptors without inducing any response. Ligand-induced changes in receptors result in cellular changes which constitute the biological activity of the ligands. Many functions of the human body are regulated by these receptors responding uniquely to specific molecules like this.” 

When you see the bigger picture you begin to understand that the physical plays as much of a roll in matters of the spirit as does the soul itself. The spirit carries information to the physical self from the all which is the spirit that moves through all things and from this spirit the soul transfers information in to these tiny little receptors thus integrating you with all the needed encoded information to indeed have this experience not as a hallucinatory (As many believe) experience but as a very real and very physically perceptive experience. This is not to say that those experiences which are experienced in dreams or astrally or beyond the physical are any less real then those experienced by the physical because the physical is not what makes us real, what makes us real is our understanding of reality itself.

Take for example a man in his mid 50’s who has worked hard all his life, is a good father and a loving husband but never gets a break, never has time for himself, is secretly stressed by all the bills and is at a breaking point but has the trigger. He wakes up one morning and goes about his normal routine feeling like he is about to break, like everything in his life has lost it’s meaning but then something happens, something in the pattern of his present reality has shifted and is now preparing to birth a new life never before imagined by the receptor. Things begin to take place in the mans life that defy logical explanation. How did this take place to begin with?

For someone to understand the concept of this experience one has to realize that the higher self/the soul is beyond the physical self, the spiritual self exists in all times because time is non existent spiritually speaking, it exists in all levels of existence because the soul knows no boundaries however the soul/higher self oversees our physical reality and can interfere when needed if indeed this is part of the soul agreement. The soul agreement is what you decided to experience before your journey in to physical consciousness, it was a basic set of guidelines that would serve as a way to guide you through the basics of physical existence. Sometimes a soul may or may not chose to experience different things throughout it’s life journey and if awakening/spiritual experience is in the contract it will at a certain point in time trigger a spiritual experience be it physical or spiritual.

The soul/higher self sees that you are ready and capable of presently receiving this spiritual awakening and begins the process of self expansion which consists of the soul gathering information from the energy that surrounds all things and incorporating itself with the light/information coding and then integrating this information in to the receptors of the physical self and in to the physical reality of the receptor creating an experience that is then experienced physically via the environment around the receptor this would play itself out as many different things and will vary from person to person for example:

One person might be driving on they’re usual route as they do every day and everything appears normal however today might be different in that they might desire to take a different route home, they have no idea why but they heard this “voice” that told them to take a different route today, they’re day continues as normal until they get home and per routine they turn on the local news and see that they just escaped a deadly pile up on I95.

Another example would be that someone decides to take a nap after a long day at the office though they have been noticing odd goings-on all week they as usual ignore it and fall asleep, they have a dream and in this dream they are visited by people that do not quite look human and these humanoid beings tell the receptor that they have been ignoring the signs they have been sending in the physical world such as moving things or even a slight breeze caressing they’re shoulder then this person is told that they have to prepare because something major will take place soon, something life changing. The person wakes up not knowing what to think but goes on with they’re daily lives thinking it was just a dream and then a major life altering event does take place, they win the lottery or suddenly bump in to an old friend from high school they haven’t seen in 15 years.

No matter how it comes about millions of every day average Americans are having experiences, awakenings, and realizing a world does exist beyond they’re four senses. There is a world that is even more grand then the physical could ever comprehend yet it exists simultaneously with the physical reality we all experience. In reality we are all nothing but pure translucent energy taking on different physical conscious existence until we are ready to spiritually exist as a whole with the source of all being.


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